How to Build a DIY Backyard Pizza Oven!

Happy Friday, everyone! Just wanted to pop by and share something fun with all of you. Who knows, maybe this pizza oven could be your weekend DIY!

Matt with Northshore Fireplace recently contacted me regarding an infographic on how to build a DIY backyard pizza oven! Since outdoor cooking season is in full swing, and many people use this time of year to entertain and throw outdoor dinner parties, I thought it was a great idea! Building a backyard pizza oven may seem like a daunting task, but is more achievable and even more affordable than you might think.

DIY-Pizza-Oven-6-2 - Copy

This resource can be used as a step by step guide to creating your own pizza oven that doesn’t require any specialized construction skills. By using brick, sand, and some cement you can build a beautiful, durable backyard pizza oven that only costs a few hundred bucks. The nice thing about these wood fire ovens is that they can be used for more than just cooking pizza! Check out how!


Sooo…who’s gonna try this out this weekend?! Do tell!

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9 thoughts on “How to Build a DIY Backyard Pizza Oven!

  1. What a great idea! We live in a townhouse so I need to see if this would be ok but this is amazing and I’d love to do something like this! Such a cool idea.

  2. Somehow, this oven reminds me of something we had growing up – an outdoor oven. This would be so much fun for summer! And to be able to put it together in one shot sounds awesome!

  3. This is such a helpful info-graphic for someone looking to build their own diy backyard pizza oven. I would have done it if I had a bigger backyard.

  4. I always thought this kind of oven was out of my rich and for the elite only (the multi-bazillion dollar houses often have these in the real estate listings on line). How cool to realize you can make one too, and it’s really not that hard. Awesome!

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