How to Baby-Proof Your Bathroom

As you can imagine, I’m working on a pretty long to-do list these days. Even though it will be a few months before actual baby-proofing is needed at our house, I want to be as prepared as we possibly can…as early as we can! So when the lovely Zoe Clark sent me a post on baby-proofing the bathroom, I thought it was fantastic! She breaks everything down so perfectly – check it out!

Hi there! It’s a great honor for me to have been given a chance to contribute to Kristen’s blog again. Kristen is an eternal source of inspiration for me: witty, practical, and educational, her posts never cease to amaze me, and I’m thrilled she’s agreed to feature my posts here. I wish to use this opportunity to congratulate Kristen on the expected stork arrival – hope the twins take after their mom in creativity, resourcefulness, and positive outlook on life!


With a bundle of joy at home, every sharp object, exposed wire, and power outlet is a potential ER nightmare waiting to happen, and new parents are often forced to stretch the limits of their imagination when redoing their nests with baby safety in mind. Bathrooms are especially critical areas with a small child in the house: slips, falls, and bumps can (and usually do) occur in a split-second if you take your eyes off the baby during bath-time. Still, hazards starring slippery tiles, running water, and various bathroom objects are preventable – and here are the essential steps every mom- and dad-to-be should follow when baby-proofing the bathroom.

Out of sight – out of harm’s way


Remove all sharp and pointy objects from the bathroom before bringing in your playful offspring for a diaper change or quick rinse. Babies are grabbers by nature, and they will embark on tactile explorations of their immediate environment in a blink of an eye. It’s easier to keep harm out of baby’s way than the other way around – after all, even parents need to blink now and again.

Slip-proof tub for safe bath times


Babies see bathing as a game, and they often splash, squirm, and move around in warm water. Outfit the tub bottom with a non-slip mat before landing your wiggly descendant in it: that way, the child can splash and wiggle all they want without the risk of taking a potentially hazardous nose-dive in case of accidental slips on the slick tub floor.

Bathroom floors shod for safety

Tubs aren’t the only slippery surface that can potentially jeopardize the baby’s physical integrity. Tiles are a common slip-and-fall site even for adults, and especially for kids, so dress bathroom flooring with a skid-proof mat to minimize risk of injury both for your little one and yourself.


Fix drains to keep the baby injury-free

Pooling water in the loo is a usual symptom of plumbing issues below tile level, and moisture on bathroom floors is never a good thing with kids around. Inspect the bathroom for signs of leaks and sluggish drainage, and have blocked drains and other plumbing defects repaired to keep the loo functional and your family safe during hygiene rituals.

No babies left unattended


Babies and kids have a hidden talent for locating the bathroom when parents are off their guard – and the junior’s trip to the loo is a fertile ground for cuts, bruises, bumps, and other forms of bodily harm. Restrict unsupervised access to the bathroom for your little explorer by installing a hook-and-eye latch or locking the door after use. That way, your adventurous munchkin will stay off dangerous grounds during tottering or crawling explorations of the property.  

Medicated with love, not toiletries


Relocate medicines, cleaning staples, and cosmetics to the top shelf or a locked cabinet after the baby arrives. Babies don’t explore their environment by touch only: they also resort to gustatory means. The last thing you want to see in the loo is your descendant nibbling lipstick, chewing a pill package, or tasting washing powder, soap, or detergent bottle. Most toiletries, medicines, makeup, and cleaning supplies contain toxic substances, so don’t leave them within the baby’s reach. (The same goes for the garbage bin – precious munchkins should play with plush toys, not used makeup removal pads and cotton swabs.)

Congrats if you’ve checked all of these points on your list: your bathroom is baby-proof, and you now have at least one concern fewer to stress about. Kudos to all moms and dads out there for taking good care of their munchkins!

ZoeAuthor bio:

This article was written by Zoe Clark. Zoe is an environmentalist, home decorator and DIY enthusiast. When not obsessing about designing perfect homes, she is spending time with her family.

This is fabulous advice, Zoe, thank you so much! And thank you for your kind words, too! I didn’t even think about making sure that the rugs on the actual bathroom floor were skid-proof – I’ve now added that to my to-do list.

What is YOUR best baby-proofing tip when it comes to the bathroom?

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8 thoughts on “How to Baby-Proof Your Bathroom

  1. I must be honest, I don’t miss having to do these things. My sons never seemed to be able to be baby proofed, they mastered every baby proof gadget I used, created or bought. You ave shared some ideas I never used though, hopefully this helps a lot of parents!

  2. This post brought back memories of what we had to do when my twins were babies… I’m glad there were no mishaps and I hope all parents remember to lock things away. 🙂

  3. Those shower curtains are SO cute! I need to baby proof my bathrooms really soon since the little one is mobile!

  4. These are great tips on how to baby proof your bathroom. It is so important to keep all meds and poisons away and contained in a lock box or have them high enough out of reach. The non slip mat that baby fits in is so cute. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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