How Much is Your Sugar Addiction Costing You?

Let’s just be honest, y’all. Sometimes it hits mid-afternoon around here and I just NEED something to HELP ME OUT. Can I get an amen?!

Normally I’ll grab a nice ice cold Diet Coke from the fridge…which, I know…those nasty artificial sweeteners. I tell myself that I just need a little boost! And some days I grab a REAL Coke – sugar and all. Anybody with me?


Either way, sugar (real or fake) can be addicting. Bad for our bodies, for sure. But it can also be bad for your wallet! Amit from Pound Place sent me over this infographic that isn’t quite as yummy as I thought it would be. Check it out! 


Can you believe that? Is it worth it to you?

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21 thoughts on “How Much is Your Sugar Addiction Costing You?

  1. This is rather interesting to read. I am glad that you shared this information with us. I’m more informed and actually can see the impact all the way around from having a sugar addiction.

  2. That’s a lot of money! I think it’s really important that we limit our sugar intake, not just because of the money that we spend but also because of the effects that it has on our health.

  3. Love this infographic- really easy to follow! Part of my problem though is when the “cost” of one section is free, I’ll ignore all the other costs. Example: free cake in the breakroom.

  4. I left sodas two years ago and it was the best decision ever, i drink probably one once at month. and i just drink water

  5. This is really eye opening! I was raised on a lot of sugary foods and as an adult it is very difficult to kick that habit. I have started my kids off with such a healthier diet hoping that as they get older they will still have that affinity for healthier foods.

  6. This is a great post. I love the infographic! It is surprising to know how much we spend for sugar consumption. I cannot have too much sweets because I am diabetic, however, there are still some hidden sugars in food that we eat even if it is labeled “healthy” “organic” “gluten free” even “sugar free.” Thanks for sharing this. I am sending the link to this post to my cousin too.

  7. Sugar can definitely be costly. Especially for sugar addicts like me. True though that sugar can be found in our every diet. So it should suffice.

  8. I’ve always said I wanted to cut down on my sugar intake, and could never fully go through with it. Now that I’ve seen this infographic, I’m not thinking twice and doing it. It really does hurt your wallet.

  9. I admit I love anything with sugar and I know too much sugar was bad to my health. I think I need to low my sugar intake.

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