How Light, Movement & Scale Can Help Make Your Small Space Look Bigger!

Unless you have thousands upon thousands of square feet in your home, and just a couple people living there, you’re probably always looking for little ways to make your small space look bigger. Am I right? I know I’M always looking for little and EFFECTIVE ways to make OUR spaces look bigger! So when Christopher Austin sent me this post full of actual “technical” ways to make space look bigger through light, movement and scale…wow! I LOVE it! Check out his ideas…

Property is expensive and it is often necessary to compromise on the location or space in order to make our home look bigger and feel more comfortable. Having a smaller house does have advantages but it can also feel claustrophobic; thankfully there are many ways you can make your home seem much larger than it is:



Shelves are essential in a home because they’re excellent for storage. However, they can also be used to create the illusion of space. Shelves on a wall which go all the way to the ceiling will naturally draw your eye upwards; making the room feel bigger and brighter.


White or any light color will help to make your room feel brighter and larger. This is mainly because the light is bounced around the room. Mirrors can also have the same effect. If they are placed opposite a source of light they will reflect this light around the room, alternatively they can be placed on a corner wall, next to a window.  This can create the illusion of an extra window! Light colors should also extend to the ceiling; this will stretch them and lift them away from the room, creating an illusion of height. A dark color will dramatically shrink the room.

De-clutter your home to make more space

A hectic lifestyle and a desire for specific ornaments can quickly result in your spaces being filled up and the room will look smaller. To correct this, get rid of any item which is not really needed and group ornaments together to create a feature.


Door storage

Expanding the available storage space can be done by utilizing the space under your bed and by using over the door hooks. The more items which can be lifted off the floor and placed out of sight, the bigger the room will feel.

Window coverings

Curtains and blinds can add a nice effect to any room and they are sometimes essential to ensuring privacy. However, if you remove them from the window completely it will look bigger and will allow more light into the room. Both of these elements will make the room feel larger. Stripped curtains are excellent when you want to make a room feel taller, whereas horizontal stripes add width. Stick to pastel colors to welcome natural light, and invest in quality materials to give your home a fresh, welcoming vibe.


Many people see a smaller room and add several small pieces of furniture. In fact, that can make it seem more cluttered and smaller than simply adding one large item of furniture. The attention will focus on this one item and the rest of the room will be perceived as space; making it feel much larger than it is.  In addition, furniture should never block a pathway; keep a distinct line open in between rooms to ensure the house appears well laid out and each room is definitive; not simply a thoroughfare to another room.


The best picture to hang on your wall to make your room look bigger is actually a large picture! The bigger the picture the bigger the wall will seem. It does remain essential to keep the focal point of the picture at eye level. This helps to draw the viewer in and it may even feel like the room extends that way, into the picture!


If possible you should lay your flooring diagonally across your room. This creates the optical illusion of space as your eye is drawn along the lines of the floor. The diagonal line will be a longer as it stretches across the room from corner to corner; a longer physical distance. A dark floor can also help to warm your space and make the room appear bigger; if accompanied by pale or white walls.


Sliding doors

A door can take up a fairly large section of any room. Instead of conventional hinges add a track and slide the door out of the way. It will look funky, open up space and make the room feel larger.

Making a living space seem bigger doesn’t have to be that challenging. Welcome more light with mirrors and glass furniture, and focus your attention on light colored curtains, throw pillows and other accessories.

Thanks so much to Christopher Austin and for this post! I LOVE the idea of creating an illusion of an extra window – I NEVER thought of that before! Oh, and laying the flooring diagonally?! Awesome!

What was your favorite tip?

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  1. These are great tips! My house is on the smallish side, so I am always looking for ways to make the space look bigger.

  2. Those are all pretty great tips. Can you believe that I’ve never thought of any of these things. They are so simple to do as well. I love the illusion of having a big space when you don’t.

  3. This is great. We live in a much smaller space now than we did before, and sometimes its hard to make it look bigger or even feel comfortable!

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