How to Get Your Home Organized the Easy Way

Life isn’t perfect. And it sure isn’t organized. I think we’ve all come to that realization by now. (If you haven’t, I’m pretty sure that you will in the near future!) And honestly, I think it’s BECAUSE life isn’t perfect that I’ve always felt the need to organize things. BECAUSE I know I can’t organize life in general (but wouldn’t that be great?!) I try to organize everything I can to at least make life a bit more…simple. Does that make sense?

Let’s face it: life gets a lot more complicated when you can’t find the lunch you packed the night before in the fridge because it’s too full of half-expired foods. Solution? Organize your fridge, get the junk out, and suddenly, when you open the door, there’s the lunch you so carefully prepared. You just saved yourself a ton of time!

That’s just one example.

You are not alone, as many households suffer from the same problem. Sometimes, it’s not even because the place is a mess but because items are never put back in their rightful spot – and we all know how frustrating it can be to have to pull out drawers after drawers and dig through closets, cabinets and more on the search for whatever it IS we’re looking for.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t even have to be domestic god/goddess to keep your home somewhat organized! Here is a 4-point guide to keeping on top of your home.

1. Kitchen Items in the Kitchen ONLY

We will start off with an easy one, which is to only keep items that are used in the kitchen in the kitchen. This means ensuring that all plates, cutlery and tea towels are stored and have a designated place in the kitchen.

Dirty dishes (1)

Anything that we associate with the kitchen should have a place in it, and any items that are not associated with the kitchen (i.e. car keys, phones, important documents) should be kept elsewhere. When make an organized effort to associate items with specific rooms, it becomes a whole lot easier to keep things where you can find them.

2. Keep Doorways Clear

On paper, this again sounds like an easy tip, but those of you with children roaming around the house will know, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. Not only is this in the interest of your own safety (stepping on LEGO blocks hurts, trust me), but this helps to safeguard against causing damage to your doors.

Imagine investing in brand new LPD doors throughout your home, only for scratches and/or other damage to come as a result of opening the door into something that isn’t in its place! If you struggle for space, then be sure to invest in a drawer tower unit or some kind of piece of storage furniture and park it in the corner of the room. The amount of space that these save is a life saver.

3. Children’s Toys

Going back to our principle of associating every item with a room in the house, do the same with children’s toys. Make the rule that once children have finished playing with a toy, it goes back in the room – and that’s before they get another toy out.

Cleaning up toys (1)

Of course, some children do have a lot of toys and it’s not always as simple as keeping everything in their rooms. Keep a plastic box downstairs for toys – if you are able to store this on a shelf or in a secluded area that is safe for children to access, then that is a bonus.

4. Clean As You Go

Do you ever wonder how you have made such a mess after cooking a meal? When you have pots and pans, as well as dirty dishes to wash up it can be demotivating. However, if you tackle each little bit when you are able to pause in the process – such as cleaning the pots as soon as you have finished using them, that way you haven’t got a mountain of washing waiting for you.

The same principle can be used for clothes, especially in the case of handwashing. Any clothes that have been worn can be immediately washed and put into the dryer. You will find this much easier than allowing dirty clothes to pile up throughout the week and kissing goodbye to a whole day. (And depending on the size of your family, you probably could do at least one entire road each day!)

These are just some quick and simple methods that you can implement in your own home to save you time, and ensure that running around the house in a mad rush looking for your car keys is a thing of the past!

What is ONE area in your home that can use a little bit of organization? Are there things that USED to be organized, and need a fresh look?

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3 thoughts on “How to Get Your Home Organized the Easy Way

  1. EVERYTHING goes in a pantry in my house! EVERYTHING. My husband likes things on the counter but NOPE – just can’t let that happen! I hateeeeee STUFF all over the place!

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