How Do You Get Rid of a Spider Infestation?

Many people are scared of spiders and don’t react well to seeing larger than average ones, especially in their own homes. But, spiders are actually beneficial to a point as they eliminate flies, mosquitoes, and other insects.

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However, if you’re uncomfortable with spiders or find that there is an abundance of them in your home, you need to know how to get rid of a spider infestation.

Get Help

The best advice is to get professional help. Find out more here about Manchester experts in spiders and controlling them.

Using a reputable pest control firm is essential to successfully eliminate the spiders and prevent them from returning.

Remove Clutter

Spiders need two fixed points that will allow them to create a web. BY removing excess clutter from your home you’ll eliminate many of the potential places to create webs. If the spider can’t create a web it won’t set up home in your house.

Seal It Up

Spiders can get through tiny cracks and gaps in your house, these are particularly prevalent around doors and windows. Carefully inspect these areas and seal any gaps you find, this will reduce the ability of a spider to get into your home.

If you like to have your windows open then invest in some high-quality window screens, these will keep spiders and other bugs out of your home.


Pesticide is effectively poison for insects. You can spray it directly on a spider and it’s web when you see it. Or, you can cover the area around the spider and leave them to walk through it.

Of course, a pesticide is only effective if the spider comes into direct contact with it. You’ll need to repeat regularly.

Remove Vegetation

Vegetation around the perimeter of your home makes a great hiding place for spiders, allowing them to operate successfully outside and inside your home. Eliminate the vegetation and consider adding a strip of concrete around your home. This will help keep the spiders out and will prevent an array of other bugs from getting to you.

Vegetation includes tree branches, it doesn’t matter how tall the tree is, if its branches are within touching distance of your home pests, including spiders, will be able to use them to gain access.

Deprive Them Of Food

If there is no food in your home for a spider there is little incentive for them to stay there. Remove insects from the home by vacuuming, turning the outside lights off, and by ensuring that all surfaces are wiped down regularly, this will prevent any food or water being available for pests. In turn, pests will not be attracted to your home and there will be no food for the sides to feed on.

Essential Oils

It’s also worth noting that spiders are not keen on the essential oils, peppermint, tea-tree, and even eucalyptus are particularly unwelcome. Spray these around your home and where you know spiders live, you’ll find the spiders vacate quickly.

Have YOU ever had some kind of an insect (or arachnid) infestation? How did you get the situation under control?

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