How Can You Control Pests Naturally?

Living out in “the country” as we do, we’ve run into a great many more “pests” than we ever encountered in our previous cookie-cutter neighborhood. We expected this, of course. But we’ve had to be creative about how we control pests in our area. First and foremost, because safety is a big deal to us. We have pets and kids and we grow things that we eat, so we don’t just want to be destroying our property in order to keep the pests out.

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How does it feel having pests or rodents roaming around your home? It’s not a great feeling! Some pests such as termites can cause material damage while others such as wasps can be a matter of life and death when they bite you (if you have a child who is allergic as we do).

There are many ways of controlling pests depending on the extent of infestation. The use of chemicals can come with negative effects, but the good news is that you can still use various natural approaches to control pests. Let’s explore some of the best natural approaches for pest control as we learn from pest control experts from Flanders (New Jersey):

Companion planting

There are hundreds of plants that act as natural pest repellants. Most of these plants have a scent that repels insects. There are also some that kill pests when they come into contact with them. For instance, planting garlic in your garden can scare aware beetles, spider mites and aphids. Marigolds when planted together with squash is a good approach to repel nematodes and cucumber beetles. Pests love tomatoes but planting basil next to your tomatoes is an awesome approach to repel hornworms. Controlling pests in this manner makes it easy to have a trendy garden.

Clean the forgotten areas of your home

There are pests that are inside your home simply because there is dirt or debris that are their perfect breeding grounds. Not long ago I was seeing a roach in my kitchen. I couldn’t catch it and I couldn’t find it – until I pulled out the stove and found some crumbs down there and also found the roach!

Outside your home, you are also inviting trouble if you have pools of stagnant water within your property. Leaking sewer and open septic tanks also attract pests and other rodents in your home. Simple exercises such as pruning and doing away with bushes might be all that you need to do away with pests. Of course, there are always companies such as exterminators Omaha you can contact if those simple exercises don’t provide relief.

Use traps and barriers

You can use traps to capture some pests and rodents that are giving you a hard time. The choice of traps will depend on the type of pests that you are dealing with. Some traps can work for multiple organisms such as moles and gophers. You should place such traps in strategic places and away from kids and your pets. You can as well create a physical barrier that makes it hard for pests to get into contact with your body or plants in the garden. A good example is a net that you can place on your plants. However, you need to ensure that you give the plants enough space for growth.

Use natural enemies

You can introduce natural enemies to the pests’ ecosystem and eradicate them. For instance, cats have proven to be effective when homeowners want to do away with mice and rats. There are also beneficial insects such as beetles and praying mantis that can help you control some of the stubborn pests in your home. The natural enemies are those that will not bring any damage to your property. A pair of barn owls might be all you need to do away with more than 3,000 mice during their nesting season. A fake wasp nest will work wonders if you want to scare away wasps. Typical wasps will not build a nest within twenty yards of another one.

Use home remedies

Some of the items you have at home might all that you need to eradicate pests. The detergents, soap, salt and sugar can help you fight pests’ infestation within your property. For instance, cinnamon bark oil is very effective if you want to do away with dust mites. You can create a solution using water and alcohol and spray on areas such as beddings and carpet or any other place with infestation. Salt is a perfect solution to eradicate fleas from your space. Simply salt the affected areas daily for almost nine days as fleas have a 3-day reproduction cycle.

The beauty of natural pest control options is that they are environmentally friendly in a world where global warming, healthy living and nature preservation has become a major concern. How encouraging that we have so many options available to us!

Do YOU control pests naturally? What’s your secret?

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