How Busy Parents Can Stay Energized (Hint: It’s Not Always Coffee!)

By the time the twins are in bed for the night, no matter what has happened throughout the day, I AM TIRED. Can I get an “amen”?! I tell my husband all the time, “These girls STOLE all my energy from me when I birthed them and they won’t GIVE IT BACK!!!”

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I’ve decided that children are masters at exhausting their parents. There’s not much downtime for you and your partner during the early stages of infancy. The cries of your newborn at two in the morning keep your nerves on edge and ruin your rest, but I’ve also decided that it’s all worth it in the end. The rewards of raising a child outweigh the late nights and disturbed sleep.

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Although raising a child IS a fulfilling experience, it comes at a cost to your health and well-being. Feeling exhausted all the time is no way to live life. There will be days where you feel like a walking zombie, fatigued to the point of barely being able to stand up, or keep your eyes open.

In these moments, you need something to perk you up and help you through the day. Most parents reach for the coffee pot, but what if there were a more effective means of restoring and maintaining your energy levels than drinking an espresso every five minutes? Here are a few ideas to help you bounce back from the symptoms of fatigue.

Take a Morning Walk

Since you’re most likely going to be up at the crack of dawn anyway, take advantage of the early hours of the day to boost your energy. Going for a short walk around the block, or your neighborhood increases your metabolic rate for the entire day. Exercising first thing in the morning will knock the sleep out of your eyes and get your blood moving. Make the most of a bad situation and use it to your advantage! A morning walk burns calories and attacks body fat stores accumulated during pregnancy!

Power Nap

Studies show that a short nap of just 20 to 25 minutes can increase cognitive function by as much as 40%. Try to sneak in a snooze when your little one goes down for a nap. Keep the baby monitor next to you so that your mind doesn’t worry about what your child is doing in the cot when they wake up.

Sneak in a Shower

It’s challenging to pull off an unscheduled shower during the day, especially with a baby in the house. If you can manage to do it, then the revitalizing effect of hot water will perk you up for the rest of the afternoon. Use a revitalizing shower gel to heighten your senses, refreshing your body and mind. If you can’t manage a full shower, just splashing your face with some cold water will make a difference in how you feel.

Power Snacks

Snacking on nutritious food during the day will keep your energy levels up. Snack on fruit and nuts; the healthy fats and fiber digest slowly, providing you with a sustained release of energy. Avoid carbohydrates and sugary soda, they taste great, but you’ll crash hard in the afternoon when your blood sugar plummets as a result. Try this recipe for a tasty, nutritious energy treat: take equal parts of almond flour and macadamia nut butter. Mix them in a bowl and then roll the mixture into balls. The result is a highly nutritious snack that tastes fantastic.

Energy Supplements

Supplement your diet with energy-boosting formulas. Specific energy tonics and supplements support mitochondrial health, boosting the production of ATP, the body’s energy source. You can find mitochondria in every single cell within the human body. These essential organelles are critical in determining the flow of energy between cells, as well as new cell generation.

Adding a mitochondria supplement to your diet optimizes the way your body creates, stores, and uses energy. When combined with a nutrient-dense diet, you can expect to feel increased levels of energy throughout the day, and an enhanced feeling of well-being.

Are you a parent? What is your go-to when you need pick-me-up?

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