Helps for Your Thanksgiving Preparations – FREE PRINTABLES INCLUDED!

Just under a week until Thanksgiving, my FAVORITE holiday! Are you ready?! 

I’m hitting the “excited” stretch now. I’ve been looking down the barrel of “I have WAY too much to get done before Thanksgiving” for a few weeks now, but at this point, I think I’m fairly set! And I’m here to share a few helps with you so you can be fairly set, too!

My parents are in town for a week and a half, so of course, I needed to make sure my house was ready for them! 

Here’s how to make sure YOU are ready for house guests, too!

Hosting Guests Promo


Prepping Your Guest Room Promo


Hey, I even made you a FREE PRINTABLE to help you prep for your guests! CLICK HERE if you want to grab it!

Now, of course, how about the food?! Lucky for you, I’ve compiled several recipes from my awesome blogger friends that amount to The Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever! And they’re all right here for you! Aren’t I the BEST?!

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Oh, and each one of those recipes comes in PRINTABLE FORM as you click over to it, as well! Yes. I am the BEST!

Of course, it’s always good to have a nice spot to record your Thanksgiving menu once you make all the choices, so here is my FREE THANKSGIVING MENU PRINTABLE, just for you! CLICK HERE if you want to grab it! 

Honestly, when it comes to Thanksgiving, you can never have TOO many desserts, right? Since we all know that’s the truth, here are a few more dessert ideas for ya!

Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas Promo Small - Copy


One last tip for you that I recently gave to my friend Doug over at The Kitchen Professor


This tip is part of Doug’s piece “Best Thanksgiving Tips”, where 20 experts share their best Thanksgiving tips! (He was nice enough to call me an expert and include my tip – and if you’d like to see ALL the tips from ALL the experts, CLICK HERE!)

And there you have it! I hope something in this post has been helpful to you in your Thanksgiving preparations! Share with me: are you completely ready? What do you have left to do?

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24 thoughts on “Helps for Your Thanksgiving Preparations – FREE PRINTABLES INCLUDED!

  1. What a wonderful array of treats and DIY for Thanksgiving! What a great holiday, perfect for sprucing things up! Nice job!

  2. Organization checklists are always SO appreciated. The holiday season can get hectic with the list of things to do, and with my sister and her husband coming into town, I’m losing track of my to-dos. Thanks for sharing. 😀

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