Helps for Your Christmas Preparations

Well, y’all, it’s getting down to the wire here! FOUR DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Are you ready?! Well, never mind if you aren’t, you soon will be – I have tons of help for you! Are you ready?!

Let’s start out with some tips to help your Christmas as a whole…

Helpful Christmas Tips

I’ve Got Tricks for You!

…some sanity savers…

Holiday Sanity Savers

Holiday Sanity Savers!

…and throw in some free printables, in case you are on the hunt for some organization!

Holiday Printables

FREE and HELPFUL Holiday Printables!

So once you’re calm and organized, how about some decorating inspiration? Let’s start with the outside of the house…

Christmas Lights

The Ultimate Dad’s Guide to Christmas Lighting!

Outdoor Christmas Decoration Promo Square

16 Fabulous Outdoor Christmas Decorations

…and then we’ll head on inside!

Christmas Decorating Tips Promo Square

Decorating Tips to Spruce Up Your Home for Christmas

Keepsake Ornament Tutorial Promo Square

A Keepsake Ornament Tutorial

Ornament-Exchange-1-683x1024-683x1024 Square Promo

2015 Ornament Exchange

10 Ways to Stuff Your Ornaments Promo

10 Ways to Stuff Your Christmas Ornaments!

Feel free to poke around MY home, as well! From our Christmas Home Tour (CLICK HERE) to 3 years of Christmas Holiday Shelves (CLICK HERE FOR 2013, CLICK HERE FOR 2014, CLICK HERE FOR 2015) – even our theme from Christmas 2013 (CLICK HERE)! It’s all at your fingertips!

And don’t forget to check out the Christmas tours I did of my friend’s homes! 

Christmas Home Tours

Seven Christmas Home Tours for Christmas Eve!

So – we’re calm, organized, and decorated. What’s next? Oh, the gifts!

Favorite Online Shopping Spots Promo

My Top 3 Favorite Online Shopping Spots

Christmas Gift Ideas

3 Unique, Meaningful & Lasting Christmas Gifts

Calm, organized, decorated and gifts all prepped! Now?

Um, hello?! FOOD! Here are some of my own creations for that Christmas sweet tooth…

Sweet Christmas Treats

Sweet Christmas Treats


Christmas Caramels


White Chocolate Peppermint Poke Cake

Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies

…and here is a link up with TONS of recipes for you to poke through!


The Ultimate Cookie & Goodies Virtual Party

Of course, feel free to blitz through my Recipe page (CLICK HERE) on the blog for more inspiration, if you need it! And what on earth does one do with all those leftovers after Christmas? Here are two sets of ideas for ya! CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.

Well, whatcha think? Might any of that be helpful to you at all? What am I missing? (I sure hope not a thing!)

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

14 thoughts on “Helps for Your Christmas Preparations

  1. WOW! You’ve got it all and more! That White Chocolate Peppermint Poke Cake looks delish! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! After today, I’m off for the rest of the week to enjoy spending time with the family AND baking. Yippee!

  2. Well gheee, I feel like I just got stressed reading your post..
    Lol…and it is supposed to make me less stressful. Oh well, I loved the home tours as always. And your tips are always so helpful. Yes, we love sweet but I have not tried making caramels before. Looks yummy!

  3. Those red velvet cookies are calling me. Red Velvet is a favorite of my husband’s any time of year so I am keeping that recipe for sure. These are lots of great idea in one place. I will have to save this for next year too.

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