Happy New Year, Y’all!

Around Christmas, my hubby and I were wondering what we were going to do for New Year’s Eve. We were laughing at ourselves last year. Last year we had wanted to do something spontaneous! Being that we are NOT spontaneous people, before we knew it, we were trying to PLAN a SPONTANEOUS trip, ha! We got so frustrated, and we had already told all who invited us to parties that we weren’t going to be in town, so we ended up staying home and ringing the new year in from the couch. That was NOT going to happen again, we decided.

So we invited a few friends over for a New Year’s Eve party!

Did you notice the whole black and gold theme in the stores this year? I liked it!


So when I decided what “theme” I wanted, that made it easier.

I decided to do a makeshift photo booth for fun pics like this:


Yeah, that’s us. In our defense, it was after midnight, and we were exhausted! Can you tell?!

I started out with this…


(which CoCo the kitty felt led to assist with…)

CoCo 1

CoCO 2

…and added some of these!



This year, I noticed that “one word” was trending. Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, people were picking one word to speak over and focus on in the upcoming year! I thought it would be neat to give our guests an opportunity to choose a word and share it with everyone! A few of them participated!


We also played a fun-turned-deep-and-introspective game. Jerrod asked everyone if there was one thing they could change for 2014, what would it be? We went around the room, and ended up talking more about the good in life than the bad. Then we gave each of our guests a “Thankful Jar”.


Throughout 2013, every time something good happened that we needed to remind ourselves to be thankful for, we would write it down and put it in our Thankful Jar. Then, on New Year’s Eve, before our guests arrived, we pulled out the Thankful Jar and went through, taking turns reading all the good things that happened in 2013. Some of the things we had actually forgotten about! It was great to be reminded of how much we have to be thankful for…in just one year.

Our menu for the evening was chili, all the fixin’s, Cuban sandwiches and other yummy things like buffalo chicken dip, cake and brittle!

Add a few more decorations…






…and we were ready!

We had a fantastic evening, and ended it toasting to the New Year with cookies and milk!


Hope you enjoyed the little peek of our celebration!

44 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Y’all!

  1. That looked like a wonderful time was had by all–Just one little question how did you keep your cat from ripping down that “backdrop”–mine would have done it in about two seconds flat as soon as I turned my back!

    • HA! Well, I had pulled it up and secured it with a ponytail holder 🙂 And once people started arriving, she went to her customary place in our Master Bedroom’s walk-in closet (she hates crowds) and didn’t emerge until the next morning! She seemed more amused with running back and forth through it than tearing it down, at that point!

  2. I love the decorations. They are simple but they add so much to the room. It sounds like you had a fun night. I made it all the way to 10:45 and then I decided sleep was more important. 😉

  3. Your party looks like so much fun! I bet your photo booth was a big hit! We didn’t have anyone over this year and I fell asleep on the sofa, but managed to wake up and see the New Year in. 🙂

  4. I’m glad to read from the comments above I wasn’t the only one ringing in the New Year in my dreams. My sister does a New Years Day family and friends gathering with loads of comfort foods and lots of lounging, relaxing, eating. I love the photo booth idea, will have to write this down and bring fun props to do this next year (or maybe at our next gathering). Your decorations look way better than last minute, great job! I do like the black and gold theme too 🙂

  5. Love it, fun and meaningful, too. Reminds me on years past, now we just stay home and do basically nothing. Reading about your party makes me want to have one again :).

  6. Looks like you had a lovely evening. Love the decorations and activities. We may do one of those jars this year too to read next New Year’s Eve. God bless!

  7. I love this idea! I have always wanted to have a New Years party, but I fear I couldn’t last pass 10!! Especially if the babies are in bed, I am going to want to go. That is the struggle of being a Mom… we have to pick and choose our battles! LOL I do love how you have decorated everything to make it look so festive!

  8. Wow! Now I know who to ask for party planning ideas. I love your decorations and photo booth. And I would’ve never thought to toast with milk and cookies. I would have preferred that to the sparkling grape juice we had. Cookies and milk sound so much more fun! Glad you had an awesome night!!

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