Hall Closet Reveal!

Hello, lovely people!

I have been working on a special project for a little bit now, and today is the day to show all of you! Wohoo!

Remember my post on Dollar Tree Organization? Well, I’ve put all of those items to good use for my hall closet. Yes, a closet. That might sound odd, however, this is no ordinary closet.


When we first looked at our house with our realtor, I opened the door to this closet and was “wowed”. I remember thinking that it must be a laundry room, and that we would have to add the hook-ups for the washer and dryer, how inconvenient. Then I discovered the hook-ups in the garage and I was stunned. That was a closet? Oh my goodness!!!

The fabulous closet soon got the best of me. “Where should I put _____?” “Oh, just put it in the hall closet for now…” (You can see what happened.) I knew I needed to quickly regain the space before it turned into a curse rather than a blessing. So here we go!







So you can see what an awesome space this really is…but it was pretty hard to navigate with things just thrown in here and there. And then, to go back and try to find something? You’d have to stand there scanning shelves for a few minutes, and…”ain’t nobody got time for that!”

I knew I wanted it to be organized, but I also wanted it to be colorful. We’re using it for a “supply” closet, basically, so it’s not a “fun” place, really, and I thought it would be nice for it to be bright and cheerful, just for the sole reason that it’s a CLOSET. Might as well make it bright, right? So I did!

Oh, and let me say that the wonderful Whitney over at The Decor Chronicles actually introduced this closet for me before anyone else did  –>RIGHT HERE<– – Check it out!



I promise you, every time I open this closet door now I smile! (I know, I’m goofy!)


Each of the cleaning supply caddies are labeled, and the blue canvas carry-all is my cleaning kit that I carry from room to room when I’m doing chores.


When my husband asked me to label the bins, I almost passed out! He has NEVER actually ASKED for something to be labeled before…normally he cracks up when I show him what I’ve placed labels on…and to have him actually request them? The end of the world really must be near! But I had a hard time splitting everything up, so I decided to go with things like “For the Pests” for bug sprays, and “For the Air” for things like air fresheners and Febreeze.


“For the Dust” and my faithful cleaning kit!


I had to have a “For the Misc.” bucket, ha! And of course, “For the Floor”.


The big pink bag? Full of extra linens for the spare bedroom and our air mattresses. You can see my mop and bucket, plus the little vacuum and a Swiffer sweeper to the left on the floor – I need something to hang all of those on still.


Luggage, big vacuum, air conditioning air filters, extra sodas (for guests), extra leaves for the dining room table, and a step-stool (we are not tall people!)


Isn’t that beautiful?! Obviously I can’t fit my big ol’ griddle or extra-large picnic basket in one of these colorful bins, but you get the idea. Almost everything fit, and provided a much more unified look throughout!


Some up-close shots of the labels I created on PicMonkey!





I found that I still needed some organizing inside of the larger bins and baskets, so I got a few of these, too:


They’re just baby bins!

Oh, and this lovely piece of organization, as well!


That’s about it! Whatcha think? What are your best closet organization tips?

I also wanted to include some more great deals at some of my favorite stores in this post – getting LOTS of these emailed to me lately, and I wanted to make sure I shared them with everyone!

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24 thoughts on “Hall Closet Reveal!

  1. What an awesome space! I love the colors, they would definitely put a smile on your face. Organizing takes time (and the mess usually gets worse before better), but it sure feels good when it’s done! Nice job.


  2. I wish my hall closet was that big! I do have a good size closet under my stairs that definitely gets used, but it’s not that organized. I am not determined to hit up The Dollar Store and organize away! =]

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