A Quick Guide to Using Natural Products (Recipes Included!)

We use lots of natural products around our home, and the main reason for that is, we have two 2-year-olds. And man, are they QUICK these days! They can do some serious damage in the amount of time it takes me to move a load of clothes from the washer to the dryer, let me tell you what! They keep us on our toes, so the more natural products we use in the house, the less of a poison control issue we run into! (Or at least, that’s our hope! HA!)

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Natural is arguably the new normal, according to many consumers. The ability to use products that are more effective without compromising on safety is one of the main reasons why natural products are revolutionizing consumer trends in the world. Every feature of beauty products has an alternative to natural products and this development reflects the conscience of the modern consumer.


Recipes for Natural Products

Natural products are relatively easy to make. The golden rule in each of these products is to use available ingredients and use as few ingredients as possible. Natural deodorant, for example, uses some of the most available ingredients in a home setting and therefore saves on money without compromising on the safety. It is also important to mention that the process for this project is simple and everybody can successfully make a deodorant.

  • How to make a natural facial scrub

This facial scrub is one of the most straightforward natural products to make at home. For the ingredients, you need four ingredients that are readily available. They include water, frankincense essential oil, baking soda, and finally lavender essential oil. The rule in making natural facial scrub is to simplify the process without compromising on the ingredient measurements.

The mixing part is simple, as one is only required to mix the ingredients in the following order. First, add just one tablespoon of baking soda to two drops of well-prepared lavender essential oil and frankincense essential oil. Depending on the thickness of the paste, add water to attain the texture of your facial scrub. The main advantage here is that one can create more facial scrub paste depending on the intended paste volume, but the mixing criteria must remain the same.

  • How to make a shave gel using natural means

The typical shaving gel is made of many industrial ingredients. These ingredients are not only pricey, but they are also harmful to your skin and body. Fortunately, there are alternatives to making a natural, safer, and more efficient shaving gel. For ingredients, you need aloe vera, a readily available vitamin E oil, Vegetable glycerin, and coconut oil.

Just as the previous natural product, the shaving gel is straightforward to make as all the ingredients are mixed in a mixing container. All these ingredients are compatible, and therefore they blend well. In addition, the process is highly DIY, and there is no rule on mixing quantities. However, it is essential to have a moderate approach when mixing the ingredients for better results and affordable production cost.

Benefits of Going Natural

There are tons of benefits to going natural, especially in this particular niche. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Natural products are safer than the typical products

Safety is king to the modern consumer. It is a reality that some of the ingredients in most typical deodorants are toxic to the human body. Components such as aluminum are dangerous to the body. In other products, there are traces of parabens and triclosan. These two ingredients have some lethal effects on the human body. Fortunately, using natural products minimizes the contact with these harmful products and therefore making the user safer from the overall effects.

  • Natural products are affordable

Cost is a significant reason why most people consider natural products over typical products. Although there is a major misconception on the cost aspect, the product cost of natural products is low and therefore affordable. In addition to the affordability aspect, it is essential to appreciate the fact that these natural products last longer compared to other typical products. The fact that these products last longer means that the consumer gets the value for money in each product they invest.

  • Natural products are synonymous with efficiency

Efficiency is one of the main reasons why people are becoming fascinated with natural products. The ability to have a product that is safe and does not compromise on the efficiency makes natural products ideal. The movement of using natural products, according to consumer analysts, is on the rise and it will not end any time soon.

In addition to these products being efficient, it is essential to appreciate the fact that they are environmentally friendly and support sustainability as a discourse. All the ingredients used and the products’ effects on the environment are harmless. 

Do YOU use natural products around your home? Which one(s)? Why?

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