Glorious Graduation Gifting

I normally have a pretty hard time when it comes to graduation gifts, especially for High School Seniors. I always want it to be something that they will use…but fun…but not stupid…you know the drill.

Last year I did gift cards, but this year I said, forget it. Money it is!

So, I got the greeting cards and pulled out the cash…but it still seemed SO impersonal. Until I found a special treat from the lovely Brie over at Darling Doodles!

I just have to stop here and interject this: Brie and her husband have just adopted a beautiful baby girl – they are now a family of three! If you’re not following her blog, PLEASE go and do so – I can’t wait to see all of her baby girl posts that are soon to come! She was also the inspiration for my Holiday Shelf! And I’m convinced she can design just about ANYTHING! (No pressure, Brie!)

Anyhoo, I was thrilled to come across these awesome Graduation Treat Tags!


So cute, right?! (Click on the above picture and it will take you to the spot where you can download your own!)


She has even more ideas in this post, so definitely check it out! (I snagged the Reese’s printable because, well, who doesn’t love Reese’s Pieces?!) Here’s my final graduation gift this year:


The graduates loved it! And, even though I knew the money was enough, this dressed everything up a little bit and made it even more memorable! So fun!

Do you have standard gifts for different occasions? Or do you just take them as they come and figure things out along the way?

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