Glass or Curtain? Which is the Perfect Partner for Your Shower/Bath Combo?

One of the things on our list to get done before the babies arrive is to tear the glass doors off of our shower bath combo in the guest bathroom. Since that will be the babies’ bathroom, we thought it would become pretty difficult pretty quickly to navigate those doors when trying to bathe little ones.

I’m really not sure what the previous owners were thinking when they installed those glass doors in the guest bathroom and NOT in the Master Bathroom, which features a very large step-down-into-it shower. We checked prices on having glass doors installed there and are looking at about $5k, so you can imagine that went out the window pretty quickly!  

So when Christopher Austin sent me this post full of ways to distinguish what would work best for each option, I figured there must be more folks out there who have the same issue! Maybe this will help YOU!

Most people’s idea of a perfect bathroom will probably include a separate bath and shower.  Not only does this mean both items can be used at the same time but it also means you can have a luxury spa style shower. However, in reality many houses do not have enough space for both and you are left with a shower-bath combo. This is a practical solution but leaves you wondering whether to have a shower curtain or a glass screen. Your decision will be based on your personal preferences but the following may help you to decide:



A shower curtain flows with a room and has a softer appeal. If you use the right curtain it can add a luxury element to your bathroom and prevent it from becoming too like a hotel room, or even a hospital! It can also serve to heighten the room as it can be hung from ceiling to floor, making the bath appear rather grand. You must remember to have the curtain in the bath when showering; if you do not you may find your bathroom has turned into a pool!

Personal touch

A shower curtain can be bought in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. It can even be customized to your own requirements. This allows you to really make the bathroom part of your home and for your personality to show through the curtain. It can add color to your room and it can also be easily changed to adjust the feel of your room, or impress your visitors! A shower curtain can be the feature point in your bathroom or it can be the balancing color in a bright, bold room. The choice is yours!

Roll top or curved baths

These types of bath are exceptionally difficult to use with a glass shower screen. Glass does not generally curve to match the bath and the roll top will prevent you from getting a good seal.  To get round this issue you will need to opt for a shower curtain. The best way to hang one is to use a rail which surrounds the bath and allows you to pull the curtain all the way round. Of course, it will need to go inside the bath when you are showering but the rest of the time it can be hung outside the bath and to the side. It will create an impressive effect.



Shower screens are glass; they are either plain, frosted, or possibly have a pattern across them. You may purchase a fixed one or one that moves to help you get in and out of the bath. However, they are very rarely something that creates an impact as you enter the room. Whether you use soft, flowing curves with feminine colors or a sunset scene which complements the color and décor of your room; you will be able to achieve the desired effect by using a shower curtain. It will help to make an impact and ensure that you, or your visitors, never want to leave the room again! Additionally a shower curtain can be made to fit into any space, even one which a screen is not normally designed for.  Of course custom screens are an option but they are generally more expensive.

Space savers

Although a curtain is relatively flimsy it will still bundle when pulled back and can detract from the look of the room. A shower screen will keep the lines clean and take up no space as it can be moved to allow access. The rest of the time it simply sits over the bath, hardly even noticeable.  In effect it can make the bathroom feel bigger.



A well fitted shower screen will keep all your water inside the bath, a shower curtain can sometimes struggle to do this. This is an important consideration as water can flow through the ceiling and into the downstairs of your house.

The final deciding factor may be the issue of the shower curtain touching you whilst you are trying to shower. This can be exceptionally off putting and even dangerous! Ultimately the choice is yours depending upon what goes best with your home.

Thanks so much to Christopher Austin and for this post! What do you think? Are you more into the glass doors or shower curtain style?

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

26 thoughts on “Glass or Curtain? Which is the Perfect Partner for Your Shower/Bath Combo?

  1. So much to plan before the little one comes I see. I love showers with glass doors but I hate when they get that gross tint that still appears unless you clean it just the right way. I am a shower person. I rinse off after a bubble bath because I just never feel clean in a tub.

  2. Glass is so annoying to clean but a curtain is just annoying in general sometimes. It’s hard to say which one I like more! I miss my entire shower room from when I lived in Japan!

  3. UGH, I hate glass shower doors on bath/shower combos. I don’t mind them if the shower is separate, but those doors make me feel so claustrophobic!!! Not to mention, the metal tracks on the side of the tub really dig into your forearms when trying to give kids a bath. Good move to take them out!!!

  4. I love the sleek, clean look of glass doors, but they don’t work with our bathroom setup (and with little babies they would be a pain). I think when we out our shower in the basement we’ll use glass doors though for a clean look that’s easy to maintain. Thanks for the great tips!

  5. Up until last year, we’ve always had curtains in our bathroom. I used to get annoyed because you have to keep changing the plastic because it gets moldy after a while. Now we have glass doors for both bathroom, but I’m missing the way the curtains gives style to the room. Haha, I can’t be pleased!

  6. I think glass doors are always too difficult to clean, but it does not mean curtains so easy as well. When you try out both curtains look a bit better than glass for sure.

  7. I like to use a shower curtain. It is easier to change the look of the bathroom when you change it. I find glass hard to keep clean.

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