Giving Toys to Children: The Educational Benefits

We’re coming up on the “big 2” at our house – I can’t believe I’ve been a mom for almost two entire years to two entire little people – it’s CRAZY, I tell you! The days are definitely long, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to love such amazing little humans. And, because my little humans are loved by others, too, I’m already getting the questions of, “What kind of toys should we get them for their birthday?”

Even if you’re not a parent, you’ll know that spark kids get in their eyes when they walk into the toy store. That’s because kids simply love toys. They’ll find something or the other if you set them free in the store and will beg for you to buy it for them because they just can’t survive without it.

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More Than Fun and Games

The truth of the matter, however, is that toys are more than just fun and games for many kids. Toys are, in fact, tools to help nurture, grow and develop their minds and bodies, while provide them with an opportunity to keep on learning.


Toys can be an engaging way to help kids develop character and manage emotions to develop confidence, especially if they play in groups. Every parent knows that a good toy is one that stimulates the imagination of a child and encourages social interaction with other people.

Toys for Babies

Babies want to learn about their surroundings and they have a lot to learn. Since they’re just starting out, every colour texture, shape, smell, taste and sound will be a learning experience for them. This is why they need toys that help them learn and discover different senses, while having safety in mind. This means that rattles and other toys that make different sounds are ideal because it stimulates their senses.

When these toys have different colours, it helps stimulate vision in kids and develop it. When babies grow older, they can use different toys to see cause and effect relationships between things. They also need greater hand-eye coordination and greater motor skills that can be developed using push and pull toys.

When They Begin to Crawl

Toddlers can have different toys to help them with their goals of learning, and are able to use more other toys that they couldn’t when they were babies. Toys such as building blocks enable them to explore more opportunities to create and learn than they did before by expanding their creativity. They can build different things with greater mental capacity which will only increase as they grow and learn through the toys they have.

They need different toys that are more age appropriate for them. This means that they will benefit from shape sorters that will help them learn about different shapes. Parents will be able to teach them more about the shapes’ names.

When They Start School

When kids start school they need toys that can help them develop language and social skills. What better way to develop these skills than with pretend play toys from They are learning new things in their school and therefore they are expanding their knowledge about social interaction.

With doll houses and dolls, kids can start playing out different scenarios that they can learn from. They can simulate interactions between the dolls in order to retain what they learnt in school. Educational toys are important for kids as it helps them expand and build upon what they are learning in school, all while they are having fun. Educational toys can also develop a positive attitude towards learning as well.

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Do you have a favorite educational toy you use for your child? Or maybe a favorite educational gift you give to other children? I’d love to hear about it!

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