Get Your Backyard Ready for the Season

Here in Florida, it’s as good as summer. The high today is slated for a whopping 92 degrees with thunderstorms. Yep! Welcome to summer in Florida! 

So when Emma Lawson asked me about doing a guest post that would teach all of us how to get our backyard ready for some summer fun, well, I know MY backyard needs some help! How about yours?

With summer already knocking on our door, it is high time we scoop up spring blossoms and mow the law so that the beauty of our backyard can shine freely. However, getting your backyard ready is not an easy task, and you should plan it out before you start making any significant changes. In order for your yard to look perfect you should invest your time and enthusiasm, but not necessarily a lot of money.

Light it up



Can you imagine spending warm summer nights sitting outside with family and friends with a drink while listening to soothing buzz of insects? The only thing missing in that picture is soft light enveloping you. If getting expensive lamps is not an option, you can make your own garden lights using nothing more than mason jars, some white paint and string. Wrap jars with string and paint them white (or any other color). The results are great: your own garden lanterns in which you will put candles and place on your porch or table. You can also use a string of ordinary Christmas lights and cover them up with cupcake liners.

Dog heaven


Being a dog owner also means that you are a ‘dog parent’ and your furry child has a special place in your heart. Of course you want what is best for your pet, for them to be safe and happy above all; and that includes having a good roof over their head. Why not take this a step further and build them such a lovely dog house that you will proudly show it to your friends? Paint it with bright colours and put all of your wonderful dog accessories inside so that they are close at hand when needed.

Feed the birds


Feeding the birds in your backyard will ensure that you hear their lovely chirps every day, your plants will be free of insects and there will definitely be fewer mosquitoes to annoy you. You can make simple feeders by covering ice cream cones or toilet paper rolls with peanut butter, rolling them in seeds and hanging them around. If you wish to decorate your backyard at the same time, make teacup bird feeders using old tea sets. Your backyard will look great with splashes of brightly colored porcelain, and birds will be close by. 

Hide from prying eyes


Sitting on the porch is probably one of the favorite activities of people all over the world, but some hesitate to sit outside for too long because they don’t like to be watched by neighbors or passers-by. To get a bit more privacy and beautify your backyard at the same time, you can add colorful curtains to your porch. In addition to giving you privacy, it will provide some much needed shade from hot summer sun.

After making just a few small but significant changes, you will be able to spend countless wonderful hours in your beautiful backyard and be happy with what you see. Getting backyard back in shape does take time and require dedication, but the results are more than worth it!

What do you think of Emma’s ideas? Plan on putting any of them into practice?

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9 thoughts on “Get Your Backyard Ready for the Season

  1. We’ve been considering covering our porch so we can sit outside and keep out of the direct light. That photo gives me some great ideas!

  2. They are stunning ideas! I wish I had Kristen’s eye for picking out the right items to make my backyard look this beautiful. I would love that bird feeder.

  3. I am loving these ideas. Spring and Summer are the seasons mostly spent outdoors and the backyard is our number one place to go to. It would be nice to tidy it up and make it attractive!

  4. I was just discussing with my husband that we have a lot to do to get the house ready for the summer. This includes getting our landscaping guy out here to take care of the back and front yard.

  5. Wow what wonderfully summer ideas for a back garden or yard. we are having a warm spring following from the freakish winter weather a couple of weeks ago…! Great ideas esp the Hanging candle bottles!

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