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When we moved into this house, the garage was just plain GROSS. We later learned that the previous owner was running an auto repair shop out of the garage…boy, that made a lot of sense! My hubby is still finding lug nuts around the flower beds!

All through our house search, one of my “wants” was a good-sized laundry room. (Okay, who are we kidding, I wanted a laundry “room”…not a laundry “closet” like we had before!) I had even decided on my color scheme for the laundry “room”, much to my husband’s amusement.

When we fell in love with this house, only two of my “wants” were not in it: a garden tub and a laundry “room”. The washer/dryer hookup was in the garage. But that ended up being okay…because the house had so much more! And because I decided I would still decorate my laundry “room”.

So…we decided to paint. Now, mind you, neither of us had ever painted anything in our lives. (Well, I had painted my nails, but that was about it.) We purchased a plain white paint for the concrete block walls, the trim and the door into the kitchen, and a gray garage floor paint for the floor. And I insisted on purchasing a paint to use in distinguishing my laundry area from the rest of the garage.

And we painted. Because it was the garage, right? And if we messed it up due to lack of experience, well, it was just a garage!

We fondly remember that day, because we had never seen each other look as we did at the end of that day, nor have we seen the same sight since. We were FILTHY. And covered in paint. And so sore that we were groaning like senior adults in the throes of arthritis.

But we got the garage painted! And then we decided we would probably hire people to paint from that point forward.

I wish I had taken some “before” pics…but I sure didn’t. Just know that it was, as I said before, GROSS. The ceiling was covered in cobwebs. The walls were filthy. And the floor? UGH. Imagine the oil and grime of a thousand cars caked on concrete…and you might get close to how disgusting it was.

And here it is now:


Well, maybe I need to back up, ha!

Here’s my color scheme for the laundry area:


The beautiful washer and dryer my in-laws bought us for a housewarming gift!


So here’s my laundry area!


The cabinet on the left holds laundry supplies and extra paper goods.


It’s also handy for hanging-dry certain clothing items.

I decided that if I had to be out there doing laundry, then I was gonna enjoy it, and it was gonna be pretty. Hence the wall art.


These are all free printables I found on Pinterest. I printed them, took them to Staples and had them mount them on white foam board. They’re affixed to the wall with packing tape, which works perfectly, because they’re super light!


Aren’t they cute?!

Here are the links if you’d like to take a closer look:

Keep Calm & Hang On
Endless Love & Laundry
Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat.
Self Service Laundry
Most Memorable Days

A little ways over, we have this lovely site, which I haven’t decided to live with…or maybe to cover somehow…


(Air handler, ladder, porch umbrella and water heater. I mean, we need all these things…I’m just not sure how to organize them yet.)

And here’s my hubby’s main area.


He’s acquired quite the array of tools in just 4 months, hasn’t he?! (You don’t even know…)

So here it is empty…


…and then with the cars. (Ooo…let’s play a fun game – which of the cars do you think is mine? Those of you who know the answer to this can NOT play!!!)


We are “park our cars in the garage” people. It’s just too convenient to be able to come home in the midst of a monsoon (as happens SO often here in Florida) and pull right into a clean and dry garage. We love it too much. So we are valiantly fighting against junk that might invade the space. But like I said. It’s only been four months. HA!

We also want to keep it nice in the event that we have an extra large family gathering or the like in our home. Then we can put up additional tables and chairs, outdoor veranda style! (Or that’s what we call it, ha!)

So that’s our garage! SO wishing I had taken before pics…but just think INCREDIBLY GROSS, and you’ll be okay.

What does YOUR garage look like?

36 thoughts on “Garage Makeover

  1. My garage has lots of moving boxes from 2yrs ago when we first moved here still unpacked. I’ve been saying that I need to get in and clean up but haven’t done it yet. Yours might just be the inspiration I need. I’m able to park our minivan in there though so that’s not bad. 🙂

  2. Love the background color! My husband would rather stick a fork in his eye then EVER let me paint that color! And the signs are the perfect compliment! You rocked that!

    • HA!!! My secret is, I get so excited over something that my husband just starts laughing at me, and then he can’t help but agree to whatever I’m scheming. So…manipulation, I guess. Bribery works, too. (He never reads my blog, let me say…and it’s a good thing. He might start putting his foot down if he did LOL)

  3. It turned out so pretty, Kristen 🙂 I won’t play the car game, since I know…but one day I’m going to need you to come organize me 😉 I have a laundry room in desperate need of attention! Luckily, most of it is already painted- it’s the accents I’m not so good at. I’m getting better at keeping up with my laundry “mountains”-I have found that if I only have one basket in the house for everyone’s clothes- then I try to just keep that basket empty and not overfill it. If it’s overflowing- time for a load to go in!

  4. Very very nice! I love the color scheme and the whole garage looks great! We started in our basement with painting – and then did the whole rest of the house. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing we bought “25 year” paint – because I never want to paint again!

  5. Can you say, INSPIRATION!? I’ve lived in my house eight years — which is the LONGEST I have ever lived in any one house. I think garage painting is moving up the list! Nice job! Absolutely love the color. It’s perfect for a Florida garage.

  6. My money’s on the blue car being yours…looks to me like you have his and her sides of the garage. 🙂
    You have done an amazing job on the place according to my imagination! I love the printables, so cute.

    Life With Lorelai

  7. Your garage looks fabulous! i love the printables you used for your laundry area, they are so perfect! I love the idea of painting the garage floor. We don’t have a garage… we’re in a townhouse with just a parking spot in front. Hopefully next year we’ll be in a house with a garage. *sigh*

    • Thanks 🙂 We lived garage-less for two years – I understand. It’ll make you appreciate one even more when you get one, I promise! Our neighbors probably think we’re nuts because we actually park in it LOL

  8. Kristen, I think you and your hubby did a terrific job with the garage. I live in the desert of So. California. The wind, dust, and heat in this area can do a fast job of ruining a car’s finishes and destroying rubber gaskets (windows and door parts). Our car (mine) lives in the garage. Our vehicle service people keep asking if I ever drive it because it is in such good condition. Our vehicles are the second largest expense, so it makes sense to protect them as much as we can…

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