From WHITE to BRIGHT…with Chairish!

There’s not much better than walking into a blank slate of a room, is there? When you first walk into an empty room, the possibilities are endless – and I love that feeling! The room can essentially become anything you want it to be at that point! (I’m getting excited just thinking about it, ha!)

So when Holly from Chairish asked me to design an entire room around just one (albeit fabulous) accent chair, I wasn’t quite sure that I could. An entire room, starting with one chair? Normally I have a bit more to go on…but I figured I would give it a shot!

I chose THIS chair:



THIS is a Lee Industries Leather Wing Chair. Is it not the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen?! I just love it!

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So…a whole room around this chair…hmmm…

I decided to start with first things first. What kind of room did I want this to be?

Since I spend a lot of time trying to function creatively, I decided to put together a creative office! No computers, no files, no electronic accessories…just a beautiful place to sit and be and organize my creative juices.

So, with the chair in mind, I chose a rug, curtains, and a desk.

Collage 2

Okay, not bad, not bad. I decided I needed a little bit of color, too, so…


I love how the footstool/side table coordinates with the metal edging of the chair, and since I’m always a fan of simple greenery in any space, I decided on a trio of succulents and a beautiful fiddle leaf fig tree! I chose a pretty coral to add one more pop of color – LOVE how the pillow ties the navy, white and coral together, and since I was on a coral kick, I decided to add some white coral, too!

I liked how everything was coming together, but I decided that,  if this was MY space in real life, there is one more thing I would do: accessorize that desk!

Collage 3

Gotta be organized, of course!

So what do you think?

Final Styleboard

And to think…it all started with that chair!

Have YOU ever designed a room around ONE piece of furniture?

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13 thoughts on “From WHITE to BRIGHT…with Chairish!

  1. I’ll take one of everything, please! I love everything you did and every single piece you added. Love, love that chair. I’m refreshing my great room and some of these pieces will add tons of character. Love. It.

  2. I think it looks Fabulous! Designing around one chair seems like the challenge. And I love love love that chair. I too have been looking at the navy blue with poos of pink, aqua, and tones of greys. Did you get the chair for free?

  3. I would love to do this. My grandparents always had gorgeous, unique and colorful furniture and then did the rooms according to the furniture, but I haven’t done anything like this.

  4. Yes, the chair is fab and no I have never designed around one piece of furniture. I believe if you love the piece, it will flow with your style. Love the colors you chose

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