Fridge Coaster GIVEAWAY!

Okay, so it’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I know we’re all running around with our last-minute preparations, so today’s post is QUICK! No worries!

A couple years back, I was be-bopping around one of my favorite blogs, the world of Jenn over at iHeartOrganizing. (LOVE HER!) She was talking about something called a Fridge Coaster. What?!


Fast forward to present day, and I am the proud owner of several sets of Fridge Coasters!

Fridge Coasters are natural liners for your shelves in your refrigerator. Because don’t we all just HATE when someone spills something in the fridge and then it dries or sticks or crusts, and then we’re stuck scrubbing our lives away to clean up the mess?! UGH! 

Now, Fridge Coasters don’t just solve the issue of spills – they pretty much obliterate it! They will actually absorb 4 – 5x their weight within 30 seconds after a spill! I mean, I can’t even CLEAN UP a spill within 30 seconds of it happening! Amazing! They are made of food industry-grade, quick-drying, hard-pressed wood pulp coaster board (2 mm thick), and they are also 100% biodegradable and recyclable. If you have a spill? You just pull out the Fridge Coaster and wipe it off. If it gets pretty wet? Just let it dry out, and pop it right back in your refrigerator.

Yep – it’s that easy! And they look like this:

Fridge Coasters-Large Bin & Shelf Coaster

Yellow Dots Door Bin

Aren’t they pretty?! I LOVE how they look in my fridge! (NO, the above is NOT my fridge, because it’s currently COMPLETELY covered with Thanksgiving food – I don’t think you can even see a Fridge Coaster right now, and I’m embarrassed to show it to you!)

Now, did Fridge Coaster sponsor this giveaway? Nope, this is all me! I had some extras, and I wanted to share with all of YOU! So, here’s what’s in the giveaway:


Fridge Pack Plus


Large Bin Shelf Pack


Door Pack

12 pieces total, a $35 value, and they are all gray and white! So without further ado…GOOD LUCK! And HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Fridge Coaster GIVEAWAY!

  1. Well I just bought a new fridge that arrived yesterday . And now I’m feeling a little bit obsessive about keeping it super Duper clean . I think these would be perfect for that !

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