Fresh and Unique Home Renovation DIY Ideas for This Summer

The summer is the perfect time to take on a home renovation project. The days are long, and inspiration is available at every turn. This summer, why not channel your inner child and do something that stands out from the crowd!

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Here are some fresh and unique home renovation DIY ideas for you to take on this summer.

Upgrade Your Fireplace

Dated fireplaces often get overlooked or forgotten. Traditional red brick brings back memories of shag carpet and wood paneling that many homeowners would rather forget. However, this space has tons of untapped potential for creativity when doing home renovations.

Swap out your old brick for some shale or stone for a timeless, earthy look or install some chic marbled ceramic tile for a luxury feel on a budget. If you’ve used that part of your room for storing photo memorabilia, go and digitize those photos with the help of EverPresent to make them eternal, and clean out that space for a more modern look.

If your fireplace largely goes unused, you can give it a good scrub and place an array of candles inside for a romantic, moody centerpiece to the room. Alternatively, you can use it as a dog bed and pet nook for your pooch. Bring the look together with a custom painting over the mantle depicting your dog as royalty or something similar.

Add a Secret Passage or Room

If you grew up reading about passages to Narnia or secret hallways in grand castles, you could bring that same feeling to your home with a secret passage or room.

Create a secret entrance to your study or a private reading nook by creating a bookshelf door. If you have a crawl space or small cupboard under the stairs, you can repurpose an old wardrobe to create a secret hideout. This is a great option for families with kids, either to let them explore and play or to hide from them when they get too noisy. The choice is yours.

Install a Slide

If you didn’t dream of having a slide in your house to get downstairs with style, you were missing out. Installing a slide may not add any resale value to your home, but it will make your life sensational. In fact, installing a slide might solve all of your adult problems.

If a slide in the house is unrealistic, add one to the side of your house or your deck. There are plenty of options for making your day a little brighter.

Add Window Gardens

Plant culture is the new age version of pet ownership. There are a few ways to add window gardens to your home to celebrate your love of succulents and air plants.

You can go the traditional route by installing window boxes outside. These add curb appeal to your home and let you easily take care of nature without having to go outside into nature. 

Another option is to install shelving in front of your interior windows. A few transparent acrylic shelves between cupboards make for an excellent kitchen window garden above the sink. You can also secure wooden plank shelves with ropes as an alternative to the usual window dressing.

Use Stained Glass

Stained glass has this way of adding a touch of fantasy to any room. You can take the easy route and buy some stained glass paint to transform a window in your house into a piece of art. Alternatively, you can make stained glass yourself with a lot of patience, practice, and the right tools. The latter option is a heavy-duty renovation art project.

For a whimsical alternative to stained glass, invest in a frosted, crystal window adhesive. These semi-permanent window decals look like embellished frosted glass, but have a crystal-like effect when the sun hits, creating a room full of rainbows. This is also a great fallback plan for when you fail at the DIY stained glass. Don’t worry; your visitors never have to know.

Choose one of these unique home renovation projects to try this summer to take your home to the next level.

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