Fragrance Day

Did you know that today is Fragrance Day?

When I saw that on the calendar I started thinking of all the fragrances that I use in my home, and I realized, WOW! There are tons of them!

The first thing I thought of when I thought of home fragrance was a candle. I’m partial to Yankee Candle myself, but I never turn down a candle! The standard candles that I keep at home to burn are Lemon Chiffon and Sweet Strawberry. I rotate different ones out during the holidays, or in different seasons, but these are my main two.

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At the beginning of the year I tried something that was supposed to make my whole house smell like Williams Sanoma (love that store!)…and it didn’t work for me at all. Have you seen this? (Click the pic if you want the “recipe”!)


This particular one came from Pinterest, but I didn’t like how it turned out at all. I could hardly smell a thing, and it made for a very hard-to-clean pot, too. Then I saw this one that’s more for Christmas…


…but since the other one didn’t work so well, I’m hesitant to try again. (Click the pic if you want the “recipe”!) Anyone have a great recipe for a room simmer?

We also have a Scentsy night-light in the bathroom, and I really like that! Not only does it give a nice glow, but a nice smell of “Sticky Cinnamon Buns”, too!


Our kitchen normally smells pretty “citrusy”! I’m lovin’ the Clorox orange-scented wipes these days, and I use those daily in the kitchen. I also found these really cool little Plink tablets that you can put in your disposal to keep it smelling fresh, and the ones I have are lemon-scented! They are really fantastic!



The laundry room and all of our clothes smell of lavender thanks to our cheap dryer sheets, ha! I’m ALWAYS looking to see where we can spend less, and love things I can get at Walmart for sometimes several dollars cheaper than other stores!


Other than that, the general fragrance you can smell around our home is this:


The combination of lavender and vanilla really are awesome – I’ll use pretty much any Febreze, but this one is my favorite!

What does YOUR home smell like?

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