Four Ways to Ensure Your Home Is as Safe as Possible

We live in a small-ish town in Central Florida. The same town both myself and my husband were born into and raised in. Now we own a home here, we’re raising our kiddos here, and we’re pretty proud of that fact! The future looks bright, indeed!

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However, even small-ish towns you’ve known all your life aren’t perfect. For example, although most of us in the area feel pretty safe, there has been a rash of burglaries in several neighborhoods here in our small-ish town. One perpetrator has been caught, but there are still others out there. As far as I’m concerned, owning a home requires you to do everything that you can in the way of home safety, to make sure that your home is as protected as it can be at all times. (Especially if there are kids involved, am I right?) You need to protect the interior and exterior of the home.


The following guide provides you with a few home safety options that you may not have considered.

Add a Privacy Fence Around Your Yard

Adding a privacy fence around your yard allows you to be able to relax in the backyard without having to worry that your neighbors can easily spy on you. The fence also makes it difficult for wild animals or intruders to easily get into your yard. You can have a fence created with a door that can be locked so that no one can get into the yard from the exterior side of the fence. 

You can choose to have a privacy fence created at different heights. You want to be sure that you have a fence installed that is tall enough for your neighbors to not be able to easily see over it, but not so tall that it is an eyesore. It is best to have professionals install the fence so that they can make it even and sturdy.

We had a white vinyl privacy fence installed around the backyard of our previous home. One gate on it that stayed locked unless we were coming and going from it. We loved it! It was great for home safety, for the dog especially, but for our entire family, too!

Add Motion Lights on the Corners of Your House

Motion lights are important when you live in an area that is not very well lit. Burglars often break into homes that are dimly lit because it is harder for people to spot them. Having motion lights installed on the corners of your house ensures that anyone who walks near your home can be easily spotted at night. Putting them on the corners of the house are excellent for home safety because that ensures light can flood all areas near your home.

We have these on our current home, and as freaked out as it makes me when they cut on because of a squirrel, I still like them!

Add a Driveway Alarm at the Entrance to Your Driveway

If you have a long driveway leading to your house, it can be alarming to see someone drive down the driveway when you are not expecting them. Having a driveway alarm installed at the end of your driveway ensures home safety in that no one can come down the driveway without your knowledge. As soon as the car passes through the sensors at the end of the driveway, an alarm in your house will sound. This will give you time to become alert and ready for the person who is coming down your driveway unexpectedly.

This is on our list of items to add to our home as we continue to improve it! Being that our driveway is about a quarter of a mile long, I’m really looking forward to having this completed.

Have the Crawlspace in Your Home Waterproofed

Water can collect in a crawlspace and lead to harmful mold growth. Removing the mold can be very difficult to do. It is best to avoid mold growth in your crawlspace from the start by having your crawlspace waterproofed. Professionals can come to your home and put a barrier around the edges of the crawlspace that keeps moisture from collecting in the space. This will reduce the chances of mold growing in the crawlspace and will give you peace of mind that there is nothing growing in or under your house without your knowledge.

While not a “cool” or “techie” way to to protect your home, it’s still very important. Mold, after all, very well could be the biggest threat of all!

If tech is your thing, you may want to add a security system to your home for added security, but, take it from me: make sure that you train everyone in your family on how to use it so that no one accidentally sets it off. There are only two of us here that operate the alarm…and yet. Well. Accidents happen!

Taking the time to do everything that you can to make your home safe will give you peace of mind. For you AND your family. In the middle of a small-ish town…or a large-ish one, you can’t put a price on that!

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  1. My parent’s neighbors had a break in a few weeks ago and since then we have been paranoid about it happening to them as well. Thanks for the great tips on how to keep them safe! We will start by changing their door – anyone can barge in currently.. and then implementing a privacy fence.

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