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Article updated on August 13th, 2018

Do you have a Crock Pot?

If your answer is no, stop reading right now and go get one! I’m serious! They’re that wonderful!

Since I work full-time and do lots of other things on the side, sometimes it’s hard to find time to cook. Although I really enjoy cooking (it’s pretty much my “me” and “creative” time), there are days when time is simply not on my side. On those days, I break out the Crock Pot.

Here’s the kind I have.

Big, huh? Mine actually came with a warmer, too, which tends to come in handy!

Two things I LOVE about my Crock Pot:

1. The fact that I can create dinner (or breakfast or lunch, for that matter!) beforehand! I’m all about getting things done ahead of time, so I LOVE the freedom the Crock Pot provides in this area!

2. The smell in my house when I walk in the door after a long day! It alerts me to the fact that dinner is as good as served!

Now, the Crock Pot has been around for ages…but it’s really coming back into style here recently. Have you seen The Crockin’ Girls? You’ve got to check them out! They have fantastic ideas and a wonderful community you can be a part of!

Another great spot I find recipes for “crockin” is over at All Recipes. You can get really specific searching ingredients and cook times – it’s easy to customize the perfect meal for your family!

I’ve cooked a multitude of dishes in my Crock Pot, but one of the recent more creative ones was called Crockpot Honey Apple Pork Loin. Here’s what mine looked like when I got it all prepped:


I could have gone a little lighter on the cinnamon, and I will next time, but overall, it was pretty tasty, and VERY moist!

And do you see how it looks like it’s sitting in a plastic bag? It is! I discovered these fantastic Reynolds Wrap Slow Cooker Liners, and they make clean-up a DREAM!

Of course, you can’t do a post on Crock Pots without a shout-out to Pinterest – they give me TONS of ideas, too! Check out my board Rockin’ Crockin’!

What’s YOUR favorite thing to cook in the Crock Pot? Do you have sites you go to for inspiration?

See ya along the road,

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