Favorite Photo Shoots from 2014

Most of you know by now that I work full-time in insurance marketing, and I also run a photography business on the side. I normally like to do one post a year just on the photography aspect of things, and show everyone what I’ve been up to in my other life! So, now that we’ve moved on from all the secret shoots and announcement shoots and the “don’t let anyone see these until I use them for this event” shoots, here are a few of my favorites from last year, 2014!

Lovely blended family formal shot!

Small and elegant wedding! A flower girl in awe... Family photo idea! Sweet little baby moment! Black and white wedding photography Second baby announcement! Family photos! Couple's photo session Family photos in the country! Fun wedding party photo! Fun family photo! 2-year-old photo! High School Senior Photo! Model in a garden! Fun pregnancy photo! High School Senior Photos Happy family photo! Couples photos! Harley Davidson photos! Family Beach Photos Barn family photos! Country family photos Baby photos! Outdoor bridal photo Family Pyramid photo!

Hope you enjoyed!

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24 thoughts on “Favorite Photo Shoots from 2014

  1. Wow, there are some really great photos here. It helps that you have a whole lot of awesome models.

  2. Out of all these, I enjoyed the black and white photos the most. There is just something about black and white – and you are good at it!

  3. So many beautiful photos. You are really talented. That one with the little girl starring up at the wedding dress makes me think of little girls dreaming about their big day – we start so young!

  4. I like all these photos. Black and white pics are so perfect especially the little girl with rose petals looks so gorgeous. Kids are so pretty and cute. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories.

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