Favorite iPhone Apps for Organization

Yes, I’m an iPhone user. I’ve been using Mac products for about 8 years now, and I LOVE all of them – the iPhone is no exception.

I’m also a little anal when it comes to organizing, so, as you can imagine, I have a few apps on my iPhone for organizational assistance! Allow me to share them with you!

1. Allrecipes DinnerSpinner: This is fantastic for meal inspiration, or for a great recipe when you only have certain ingredients available in your kitchen. You can save your favorites, search for specific meals and even create a list of ingredients to grab from the store. Plus, they always feature recipes, if you’re not feeling very creative. It’s FREE!

AR1     AR2

2. Genius Scan: If you’re an avid scanner of documents, this app is definitely for you! In my lines of work (insurance, photography and professional organizing) I use this app quite often. It allows you to take a photo of a document, crop it precisely and save it as a PDF. Once it’s saved, it looks like an actual scan or a photo-copy of a document – amazing! You can then save it in a file on your phone, or email it or text it directly out to whomever is in need of the information! It’s FREE!

GS1     GS2

3. Real Simple: use the Real Simple app to create your own household to-do lists, or use the pre-made household to-do lists that are already available! One of the best features is the “delegate” feature, so YOU don’t have to do all the work! From the Real Simple folks (you know, the magazine, the website?) They throw in a couple options for travel, style, entertaining and weddings, too. It’s FREE!

RS1     RS2

4. Savvy Card: Savvy Card is basically your business card – but it’s stored on your phone! You can customize it in many different ways, and share it in a multitude of ways! (Text, email, you name it!) The great thing is it’s good for the environment because you’re not using paper business cards anymore…and you’re much less-likely to lose your phone than you are to misplace your business cards – or even run out of them. If you want to use your own business logo as the actual icon for your Savvy Card on your phone, you can! It’s FREE!

SC1     SC2

5. Shopping List: This app is fantastic because you can create all different kinds of shopping lists. As you create items and add them to your list, you define if the item has a picture attached, what category to place it in (and you can create your own categories!), how much of the item you want, what the price is, and even add a note or a label! Oh, and it saves EVERYTHING, which is absolutely wonderful. So nice to be able to throw together a shopping list quickly, or add items as you realize you need them! This is one of the few apps I paid for, because it was so worth $1.99!

SL1     SL2

There you have it! Those are my favorite iPhone apps for organization! What are yours? What about you Android users?

3 thoughts on “Favorite iPhone Apps for Organization

  1. Hey Kristen, These are some great app ideas! A couple of them I am going to check out for sure!
    The main one we (my Hubby & I) use is the COZI app. It actually incorporates most of what these include. You can get a free version which includes most of the features, or upgrade to the full version. What I love about it is we can update calendar, shopping lists and to-do lists for the other one right on our iphones! And the feature I love the most is the Family Journal! We can put in stories about our family life, including pictures! A great feature with our little ones. The best part is, I can e-mail these to friends and family, and there is a setting where COZI sends out a Journal update once each month to the people on my list! It’s all completely secure, no one can view it that has not been invited, and I have it set to only use the initials of my children and not full names!! Hope you have a chance to check it out!!

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