Fantastic Lego Ideas for Your Kiddo’s Bedroom!

Did you play with any fantastic Lego toys growing up? I did, but they weren’t nearly as big of a deal then as they are now! I mean, my goodness – not 45 minutes away from my house there’s a theme park called Legoland!

Here are some fun facts about Legos for ya:

There are 2,200 different elements of Legos (or types of pieces)
Approximately 19 BILLION Lego elements are manufactured each year, or, 2 million per hour, or, 36,000 per minute
Lego elements come in 55 different colors
Lego bricks are made in Billund, Denmark

Fantastic Lego Ideas

Interesting, eh? I know a LOT of kids who are VERY interested in Legos these days, and I’m sure mine will be soon enough, so when Jenny from Terry’s Fabrics contacted me with an infographic full of ideas on how to turn a kid’s bedroom into something magically Lego-themed, I figured you all would want to see this!

Lego Bedrooms
Of course, I love the storage head and the coat rack, and even the tissue box! How fun are those!

Do YOU have a kiddo at home who’s into Legos?

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23 thoughts on “Fantastic Lego Ideas for Your Kiddo’s Bedroom!

  1. I loved Legos growing up! Seeing all the different things out there these days makes me want to get my two girls into Legos even more. We actually experimented with mega blocks this Christmas and they are fun, but I wish we would have gone with duplo or whatever they are called since you can still use them with regular legos! I hope my girls do grow to love them as much as I do!

  2. I love the coat rack idea. My son is starting to outgrow his large mega blocks and getting more into the LEGOS, so this would a good way to repurpose them.

  3. I love LEGO and the fact that you can create an entire child’s universe inspired by it. I wish it was around when I was little, in my home country. I used to play with a substitute and I remember how much I loved it. I wished my room to be decorated with it 🙂

  4. I love these ideas – they’re so colourful and easy to make. Any kid would love them – in fact I quite like the photo frame idea!

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