Famous Methods for Sofa Cleaning…with Various Upholstery Types! – A Guest Post!

If you came by my house today, you would see towels on our sofa and on our love-seat.

I mean, they’re nice towels; they were purchased to match the furniture, actually. But they are towels, nonetheless.

The thing is, we have two furries that live with us: CoCo the black kitty and Taffy the white doggy. These furries (although they are treated as members of our family, without a doubt) are rather messy.

For instance, CoCo the black kitty’s favorite spot to run to after she gets out of her litter box is the love seat. I wish I knew why. But all I really know is that it gets a little…sandy…up there.

And Taffy the white doggy is a bit OCD, I think. She likes to lounge on the couch and lick her paw…and then the couch. Blech.

Now, why can’t these blasted animals be trained to quit messing up our microfiber furniture?! I’m sure they can be…but both hubby and I work outside of the home all day long…so there’s not much time for reinforcing.

First of all, I’m on the hunt for some new furniture. Because once the kids come along, I know the furries will have NOTHING on them! So if anyone has seen any gray leather sectionals around, do let me know! 

Second of all, I had literally finished cleaning the couch and love seat and adding the towels to them (in a desperate attempt to preserve the cleanliness of both pieces) when I was contacted by the lovely Sofia with this blog post! Perfect timing! I loved it, and I know you will, too! 

Famous methods for sofa cleaning with various upholstery types

The sofa is one of the most used objects in the house, especially for watching TV with a cool drink in hand or something to eat. Imagine all the blemishes, crumbs and dirt that are hidden between the edges of the sofa. Or else, imagine the dirt and the stains if you let your pets to play on the sofa. Because of that, it’s good to pay more attention to the sofa cleaning during the big house cleaning every season. Take a look at some ideas and methods that can help you!

Let’s begin with cleaning leathery surfaces.

It’s essential to clean the leather surfaces on a regular basis, such as weekly even monthly. They may look clean and shiny, but the leather needs waxing and special care to prevent cracking or loss of texture. The easiest way to obtain a fresh visually-pleasing outlook of your leather furnishings and sofas is to go into your local store and search for a universal wax for leather upholstery.

The long fiber sofas are also very capricious when it’s time for cleaning. The long fibers are perfect to accumulate greater dirt, sand and dust particles at the base of the fibers. The need for a monthly cleaning enhances when you have pets like cats and dogs, especially if they play on the sofa. In this case, you will definitely need a sanitizing agent to prevent the formation of pollens and allergens, while deodorizing the long fiber surfaces in the meantime. Another essential step is to pre-vacuum the entire surface of the sofa to remove all the bigger particles and pet hairs.

After cleaning the sofa, there are few tricks and famous methods to make the upholstery appear not only like new, but also to preserve a longer lasting clean effect! For example, leather sofas should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It causes dryness and cracking of the leather surface, as well as discoloration between the most affected areas and these on the shaded part of the sofa. When moving out for the weekends, the holidays or for a longer period – try to reduce the humidity as much as possible, because it also affects the leather surfaces.

Don’t forget to clean the cushions. Just beating them outdoors may be enough to get rid of the clouds of dust and the other bigger blemishes. However, this is often not enough for a perfect clean of cushions. If they are stained in some areas – a homemade solution of water, shampoo and baking soda might be enough. Or else, call a Cleaning Domestic Cleaners Ltd. from your region and they can treat your sofas with the right type of detergent to dissolve even the most persistent stains.

Clean the junctions between the back and the seat of the cushion, as well as under the armrests. Vacuum first and then use a hot water treatment to remove the stains, especially when you use the sofa every day.

For vintage sofas and chairs with authentic wooden surfaces – you can apply a special detergent or degreaser for wooden surfaces that restores shine, wooden textures and acts as a filler at the same time. Finish with a lacquer or with a homemade wax and make a schedule for cleaning the wooden surfaces to make them longer lasting and freshly looking like new.

See, I had no idea that direct sun would adversely affect leather furniture, so thank you, Sofia! Did you learn anything new about cleaning your sofa?

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8 thoughts on “Famous Methods for Sofa Cleaning…with Various Upholstery Types! – A Guest Post!

  1. This is very detailed! I spot clean my couches ever once in a blue moon….terrible, I know. I guess I need to do some deeper cleaning here. I do not have leather couches, I have microfiber like you. But it was interested to know that sunlight cracks them. That explains a lot.

  2. I have leather nail-head trim dining room chairs and I’ve always gone back and forth on whether my next sofa will be leather. I’ve never owned a leather sofa but I’ll make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight if I do purchase one. Thanks for all of these great tips.

  3. We clean our furniture with leather auto wipes found in the automotive section we find they work quite well. Our main problem is one leather couch seems to get scratched by our dogs toe nails. I am trying to be better about making sure they get trimmed more often but need to figure out how to cover up the scratch marks if I can.

  4. I have a house of boys.. even the dog. Our sofa is a very dark brown fabric with zip of covers. This was an intentional purchase. So far so good after 2 years!

  5. I clean my furniture often due to owning 2 cats which live indoors. I am obsessed with it. We have never owned leather furniture. I like what I like to refer to as ‘wallowing’ furniture so we can be comfy cozy.

  6. Fantastic article. I use baking soda rarely. Most of the time I use vinegar. It works. You should be careful with the type of sofa, of course. My advice is first to try on the edges. Best regards!

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