Fabulous Find!

I saw a commercial for this product the other day, and I thought to myself, well, how nice!

Let me preface this by saying that I love good smells! I have a candle in every room of the house, AND in my office at work, ha! Plus air fresheners in the bathrooms and extra sprays near the toilets and in the closets. (This may be part of the reason why I have to take an allergy pill every day now, but I don’t care!) I do love a good smell!

So when I saw Febreze’s new Sleep Serenity Bedroom Spray, I was intrigued. I used to have some linen spray that I would spray on the sheets and pillows before I got in bed. Very relaxing. But I couldn’t remember where I got it and I couldn’t find any more that seemed as good.

But I bought a can of Febreze’s Sleep Serenity, just to try it out.


I bought the Warm Milk & Honey scented spray, but there are various other products that pair with it! See?


There are also two other scents: Moonlit Lavender and Quiet Jasmine.

Can I just take this time to say that the amount of eye rolling and snickering I received from my husband when I explained what this product was for was nothing less than excessive. Until I sprayed it. That piqued his interest.

And when he slept through the night that evening, there was no more snickering the next day. Eye rolling, still, yes. I mean, I can’t ask for everything, right?

The scent is just enough to breathe in pleasantly, and then it slowly fades away. And honestly, I didn’t know if the smell would help me sleep or not, but I really do think I DID sleep better!

I’m not sure how it works…but I like it! And I plan on trying the other scents and products, too!

What about you? I wonder how it works on kids? I think someone should test it out and let me know!

28 thoughts on “Fabulous Find!

  1. I use a lavender linen spray (I got mine at Kohl’s, but I’m pretty sure you can find it at Bed Bath and Beyond too) when I change the beds each week. I love it. It’s oh so relaxing! 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  2. I am the opposite, I do not like any artificial smell. It is just like odors to me. For candles I love the beeswax ones, thy actually do purify the air and are neutral in smell.

  3. Ohhhh… I’ve never seen this before. That’s a lovely idea. I haven’t been sleeping all that great lately. Plus I’d love to have a fresh smelling bed when I climb in. I’ll have to test it out on the kiddos — I’ve got 4 that wake up WAY too early for my tastes. I’ll snag some and let you know!

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