Fabulous Fall! (At Our Home)

Well, I’m gonna go ahead with it. There are a few things that I’m still working on, but, for the most part, here is Fall at the House of Campbell!

The Outside


We’re still working on things outside the house – like landscaping, and new paint job, but it doesn’t look half-bad! (Even with the gray skies…someone needs to remind Florida that it’s the Sunshine State!)

There is one thing that drives me crazy about the front of this house. It’s not EVEN. (Yes, I’m OCD, you didn’t know that before now?!) The left column is farther left than the right column is right, and the left side of the porch (by the front door) is set back further than the right side! Since I LOVE symmetry, it was very difficult to decorate the front porch – but I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually!


To the right…


To the left!


I already had the planter, I just changed out the top flowers to look more like Fall instead of Summer!


The chairs (we already had both the chairs and the table) needed a little dressing up, and normally I don’t like birds at all, but these owl pillows were acceptable, ha! (They came from CVS, believe it or not!)


I had this vase in my collection, and the flowers came from The Dollar Tree.


The fresh flowers came from Walmart (actually, all of the flowers you see on the front porch came from Walmart!), and the pumpkins (electric light-up) I got last year from…I can’t remember where. Still trying to figure out what to do with those cords…if anything can be done. I don’t like them being so obvious…


And can I just say, if you think you see worms on the ground in these pics…you DO. It has been raining SO much here, and these worms try to escape the rain by crawling onto the porch…then they curl up and DIE before I can get them off…so now I have all these dried dead worms on my porch. That need to be scraped off with…I don’t know what. Anyways. Please excuse the durn worms.

The rug came from Big Lots for a whopping $6!


The wreath I got sale 55% off at Michael’s! (And if you want to get even more great deals at Michael’s check out this spot that Vicki from Verified Codes gave me: https://verified.codes/Michaels. Gotta love the discounts!) AndΒ I love the fact that the wreath is oval, just like the glass on our door!


This is my front porch watering can, which used to be green…until I took a can of spray paint to it, and now it looks more like Fall! I left the green plant in the red pot to balance out the front entrance.


Another sweet pillow…


…and a pretty window box full of Fall-like blooms!


I added the same flowers to the top tier of my other planter…they look like sunset, huh?


Come on in!

The Inside

Of course, here is the Fall Holiday Shelf that you saw yesterday! Right in the entryway.


I started hanging something on the INSIDE of the front door a while back, because people always see the wreath on the front of the door when they arrive, but I like for them to see something pretty as they leave, too! (This came from Hobby Lobby last year.)


As you walk in the front door you see the console with lots of family pics…so I just wove a piece of leafy Fall throughout. Gotta love The Dollar Tree.


I also added leafy Fall pieces to the decor on the tops of the cabinets in the kitchen.





And aren’t these potholders CUTE?! From The Dollar Tree!


Of course I needed some matching towels. Walmart helped me out on this one.



I feel like I need to add more things to the kitchen, like, a Fall arrangement on top of the fridge? I’m just not sure yet.

This is the coffee table centerpiece in the living room.


If you see teeth marks, that’s because CoCo the black kitty likes to snatch these things in the night and play with them. I find apples EVERYWHERE. And I can’t tell you where I got all of these treasures, because I can’t remember at all.


I added some leafy Fall pieces to the decor on the ledge in the living room, as well.


And the dining room…


The table runner came from HomeGoods last year…


…and the pumpkins came from Hobby Lobby this year.


I’m still looking for some pretty pedestals to set these pumpkins up on. I think that’s the finishing touch!

And one more piece of leafy Fall atop the china cabinet!


The last little bit of decor is located in the guest bathroom.


The little pilgrims were a gift from my mom two years ago, the pumpkin came from Hobby Lobby and the candle was a Walmart special!

So that’s what Fall looks like around these parts! What about at YOUR house?

26 thoughts on “Fabulous Fall! (At Our Home)

  1. Beautiful! I love your pumpkins from Hobby Lobby and your tray with the pumpkins. I’ve never been to Hobby Lobby….gasp!

    • Thanks, Jill! I haven’t even seen any pumpkin patches yet here (well, this IS Florida) but if I get the chance to go to any I’ll probably add them to the back porch. (It’s screened in, but you can still see, and since we haven’t fenced in the backyard yet and we’re on the corner, it gets lots of traffic!)

  2. Just lovely! Love all the flowers and all the happy colors. With the palm n front of your house I did not notice at first that it is not in symmetry. I think you can do a lot with plants.

  3. Autumn-tastic! Everything looks beautiful. I was shocked to see you have no sidewalk in front of your house…here in So Cali there are sidewalks everywhere, sometimes it’s too bad. I think you should just embrace your asymmetrical front porch, and treat the areas separately–you might have a lot of fun. Love the coffee table centerpiece, so full of beautiful colors. And the Hobby Lobby pumpkins are to die for! Love, love, LOVE! I also like your J&K on the living room ledge, what a neat idea. πŸ™‚

    Life With Lorelai

  4. You’ve done a great job! I love your decorations and the little touches throughout the house. I love those pumpkins from Hobby Lobby, I really wish we had one out here! I like the ideas that other people said — using plants for the front porch or treating them as separate areas. I actually didn’t notice it until you pointed it out. Though, if I lived there I’m sure it would drive me nuts. I haven’t pulled out my fall decorations, but I just may do that this weekend. I’m not in love with most of them, so I need to find some new ones.

  5. I love what you’ve done with both the outside and the inside. If you hadn’t said anything about your porch I wouldn’t have noticed because it looked ok to me. Love the pillows and I loved the flowers. I need you to decorate for me for Halloween. I’m dreading that!

  6. Call me when the coffee is ready, I’ll be on the porch…LOL! I need your bathroom sign, it is so precious. We don’t really have Fall decoration. We’re bit of a “lame” family who lacks in decor creativity. The Christmas mat is still at the front door. HA! I think we may step it up and decorate the front porch this year, I it to feel cozy. You have inspired me to explore.

    • Alas, we make the coffee with our Keurig, which is on the fritz, which may be why the weekend was so rough LOL So you’ll have to wait on the porch until we get a new one, if you’re good with that! πŸ˜‰ Cozy up your porch, you’ll love it!

    • Jane, I found some the other day at my CVS Pharmacy! Maybe if you have one near you they might have some!

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