Essential Kitchen Accessories – forget all the STUFF! – A Guest Post!

Those of you who’ve been reading the blog for a while know that I despise clutter. Especially in the kitchen. There’s nothing I hate more than going into the kitchen and having to clean it before I can even cook in it…because then I have to clean it up when I’m done, too!

So when Jerin Marina approached me about doing an article for the blog about the essential items to furnish your brand new kitchen with, I loved the idea! I mean, come on, what woman would not want to suddenly have a brand new kitchen and furnish it with the necessities…and that’s IT! Jerin herself is a passionate cook and blogger who specializes in providing information on and reviews of food processors (which I think is fantastic – considering I don’t have a food processor *gasp* and I’ve learned a lot from her site! Check it out at when you can! Tons of fanatic information and side-by-side comparisons, the works!)

And so, without further ado, here’s Jerin!

Moving into a new home can be pretty nerve-wrecking for some people, as they have to deal with a lot of things so they can settle in comfortably. It has been found through studies and surveys that people take about two weeks on average to get settled in a new home, which, when compared to people living in fast cities, like New York, is pretty slow. People in New York take about a total of three days to get settled in a new home. The main reason for that is that people living in fast-paced cities know what tools, equipments and accessories are required for them to get settled in easily. The most important portion of a new home that takes up the most time is the kitchen. Here is your guide to the essential kitchen accessories and tools for your new home.


Refrigerator: Refrigerator is one of the most essential kitchen accessories that you will need. It is used to store your fresh food as well as leftovers. It is the source of ice most of the time and if you want to have fresh food every day then refrigerator is a must in your kitchen.

Microwave: Microwave is another accessory that you will need, as once the food is brought out of the refrigerator,  it needs to be heated before it can be consumed most of the time. But heating the food on the stove means there is a risk of burning it, so you can just heat it in the microwave without spoiling the food whatsoever.


Food processor: The food processor is probably one of the important and essential tools that are required in the kitchen in terms of preparation of food. Food processors come inbuilt with different purposes like chopping, shredding, slicing, dicing, etc., which can make the time required to cook and prepare a meal come down significantly. Also, waste is minimized, as manual labor for processing different foods may make the food end up in the trash.

Pressure cooker: a pressure cooker is also one of the important kitchen accessories and tools for your new home, as a pressure cooker cooks everything with pressure. (Which means it is a source to save on energy and time, which in turn means saving money!) Also, when cooking in a pressure cooker, the essential vitamins and nutrients of the food are sealed in it as only the excess heat is passed out.


Utensils: Utensils are important as they are required: from prepping the food to serving the food to actually eating the food. Utensils like spatulas, spoons, bowls, forks, dishes, etc., are very important. Jars for storage of different things are equally necessary, as not everything can be stored in the refrigerator. Air-tight containers, which are generally made of glass, are required to store spices and other condiments.

Garbage disposals: Garbage disposals are another indispensable appliance every kitchen should have. They are basically grinders which are attached to your kitchen sink, and they turn your food wastes into pulp in no time. They used to be loud and quite annoying when working but now there are really quiet garbage disposals which are only as loud as running water. These disposals are more environmental friendly than a garbage can because they considerably reduce the amount of methane emissions from landfills.

Apart from these there are many other kitchen accessories that are required in the kitchen, like cabinets, carts, dishwashers, sinks, etc., but those can be managed without for some time.  

To see more reviews, videos and deals, be sure to check out her website, Thanks, Jerin! And thanks to for supplying her with these shots!

If you had to choose ONE item from your kitchen that you could not live without, what would it be? Could you let all the rest go if need be?

87 thoughts on “Essential Kitchen Accessories – forget all the STUFF! – A Guest Post!

  1. After 36 years of home making, my kitchen is pretty well set up and stocked. I don’t own a pressure cooker because I have always been afraid of them. I saw my Mom’s blow once, it was not a pretty site! I agree that setting up the kitchen is the very first thing to happen when a family moves into a new home. I don’t really believe that people in any particular area can get it done quicker, that is more of an individual characteristic of the family. I love new kitchen tools and gadgets as, especially the bright colors which we are seeing on the market these days. I will go take a look at the food processor 🙂

  2. Like the commenter above, I’ve never owned a pressure cooker. But my grandmother has one (the same one she’s had since before I was born…) and LOVES it! I think I’d like to get one and see what I think! Thanks for including it in your list! 😉

  3. A pressure cooker is next on my list! Which is your favorite? I can get by with a heavy bottomed small stock pot, a high quality knife and that’s it. If I HAD to. And of course, a fridge.

  4. I do not like to much on my worktops i like clutter free space most things only get brought out when they are needed and then hidden away,my oldest daughter loves to bring so much out of the cupboards and leave it on the worktop,i wish everyone would remember to put everything away lol. I am on a mission to get all my appliances purple 🙂

  5. I’m swooning over that streamlined fridge! We actually got rid of our microwave 2 years ago and really haven’t looked back! Thanks for the kitchen inspiration. 🙂

  6. we moved in a year ago and we are not fully settled in yet infact we have a storage until to still unpack. something we got to get done this summer if I have it my way one less bill to beworried about. The storage unit is full of cluttered things we don’t really need I mean we haven’t used it in a year let’s chuck it lol Our apartment keeps getting things that I get from blogging and things my husband boss keeps sending him like boxes for his promotions at work he’s a hp vendor rep and man all I can say is I know a thing or two about clutter.
    I am glad your working on yours.

  7. I do not own a a pressure cooker nor a microwave – do not miss them at all. But I do own a high speed blender (VitaMIx) and a grinder, would not want to go with out. I think it all depends on our lifestyle.

  8. No on the microwave and pressure cooker for us. Our microwave died our first year of marriage, we wanted to wait until we had cash and then we just decides not to replace it. Now when I am somewhere that I use a microwave I usually don’t know how to use it. 🙂
    My blender is a necessity in our kitchen. I use it almost everyday. We make lots of smoothies and nut milk in it. Vitamix all the way! I have heard the Ninja is super nice as well though.

  9. The things on this list may be considered kitchen essentials in the U.S. but not in many other countries around the world. I grew up living in 4 different countries in Africa and you wold be shocked at what they considered a well stocked kitchen! It’s very rare for people in third world countries to have a refrigerator, a stove, or any kind of appliances. Many have just a few pots and wooden spoons and a little charcoal cooker to cook over. All a matter of perspective as to what is “essential”! =)

  10. The one thing in my kitchen that I could not live without is my slow cooker. I’m a working mom so I love throwing everything in first thing in the morning and coming home from work with dinner ready to go. So convenient!

  11. I cringe thinking about this….we moved in back in November and I’m STILL not completely ‘moved in’. I do love my pressure cooker and slow cooker though, they make working and cooking easily compatible 🙂

  12. I am at the beginning of a complete gut and remodel of my kitchen. Not sure I am looking forward to it or not. I am not one who likes choices either. I just want a new kitchen, LOL.

    I would pick a microwave. Couldn’t live without it.

  13. Even though I am not a great cook.. (being nice), I do lots of canning and garden preserving. A food processor would be a huge help. Right now, I use a hand grater or slice by hand.. oh yes.. lots of manual labor. A pressure cooker would be nice but if I had a second choice it would be a Vitamix! Being able to make soups and ice cream with the same machine just makes me smack my lips with the thought. Great post.. I could NEVER do without my refrigerator.. where would I store my Iced Coffee ??!!!! oh dear!!

  14. When I read Shirley’s comment, I thought, “We are the same person!” My kitchen is pretty well stocked. I even bought a mandolin a few months ago. I’ve always been afraid of pressure cookers, too, so I don’t own one.

  15. It’s a toss up between my dishwasher and fridge… All the things you listed are very important and I need them in my kitchen

  16. This is a great list for the things you’d need in the kitchen. I have mine pretty much set accept I don’t have a pressure cooker & I need a new food processor.

  17. Great list! I still would like to get a new blender (I got the Ninja Mega Kitchen System for Christmas….and my brother who is 22 came over and begged for it. I’m too nice!) and I would love a new set of dishes!

  18. I have everything but the pressure cooker. They scare me too but, Rachael Ray had a chef on her show yesterday that made it look really easy. He was able to cook a recipe that would normally take 5 hours in 20 min. I may have to overcome my fears!

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