Embracing Outdoor Living

My hubby and I both enjoy the outdoors when it comes to general activities. Probably comes from each of us growing up out in the country with lots of room to roam! But here recently, we’ve curbed the outdoor fun (or at least had to modify it a little bit) due to several scares we’ve had with skin cancers.

Growing up, sunscreen wasn’t always a priority for him. He’s had sun poisoning and some very bad burns several times, which now translates to him being his dermatologist’s youngest ever skin cancer patient! He’s now had to go under the knife 3 times in our marriage to get rid of these nasties, and it’s changed the way we think about being out in the Florida sun, for sure! We’re always looking for shade, or wearing hats, or lathering up with sunscreen!

But one thing we still really enjoy is our backyard. From the veggie garden to the pineapple bed, to the experiments with various flowers I have going on throughout the yard, in the evenings, once the sun has fallen behind the trees, we spend a good deal of time out on our patio, along with CoCo the Black Kitty and Taffy the White Doggy.  And, if we choose to go out BEFORE the sun goes down, we just stay in the shade on our patio.

I think that homeowners often like to take just as much pride in their outdoors as they do their indoors, especially in a state like Florida that enjoys some fabulous summer weather. It’s a property’s garden that provides the perfect utopia to relax, where people can enjoy the sun and fresh air while enjoying some privacy. Many property hunters are attracted to homes that boast a stylish outdoor area, and a well looked after yard sets a huge impression for the whole property. That’s why it’s wise to invest in outdoor spaces, and one the best ways to transform a garden’s livable area is to have a patio installed.

Those who want to maximize their outdoor living space might consider purchasing a dome patio in Perth. Patios provide an excellent place to enjoy time with the family, and the shade and practicality they offer make them a great addition to any garden. Patios manufactured by reputable companies are custom-made so that they’re unique to each individual garden, and they’re durability means they’ll provide a place to relax for a lifetime.


Spend More Time Outdoors

When the sky is a clear blue and the sun punctuates the beauty of a backyard, there’s nothing better than escaping outside to de-stress in the natural warmth supplied by nature. With styles and designs to suit all requirements, patios promise to bolster any garden’s image.


  • Patios add shade to a garden – Even when people would love nothing more than to relax outside, they’re often forced to retire inside and take a seat next to the fan because the sun is overbearing. Patios provide much-needed shade for the brightest days of the year, and they also provide shelter from rain during the wetter periods. That means patios are practical all year round.
  • They complement any garden’s style – Dome patios look great next to a swimming pool or freshly trimmed lawn. They also look great if they’re built to utilize most of the garden’s available space, and the amount of designs and styles available means there’s a product perfect for everyone. Many people love their patio’s dome-shaped roof, and it’s a style that will be fashionable for decades to come.
  • Reputable companies will deal with HOA approvals – Many homeowners can be put off the likes of home extensions due to the required planning permission, if you live in a deed restricted community controlled by an HOA like we do. However, companies such as Grand Patios will handle all council submissions and approvals meaning homeowners can relax while all the hard work is being done for them.

Patios will be the main focal point of any garden, and they’re very useful for when a person hosts a social gathering or family get-together. Outdoor shelter allows people to relax in their garden without being punished by the sun, and they’re built with the best materials to ensure maximum durability. They create extra living space outside and provide the kids with an ideal place to have fun and play, and dome patios promise to remain stylish indefinitely.


We’ve actually been thinking about having an additional patio installed on the other side of the yard over a pool – that way, we can enjoy the pool without fear of any more skin cancers from the sun!

Do you have a patio in your outdoor area? How do you use it? Do you like the dome-style patios?

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10 thoughts on “Embracing Outdoor Living

  1. Wow! This is stunning! I would absolutely love something like this on my home and I live in the North East! We used to live in Florida and this would have been amazing. It’s absolutely beautiful!

  2. Much of my adult life–half–was in Florida. I found that it was just too hot most of the year for outdoor life. But in northern Calif, a different story. I’m having a girlfriend party this afternoon on my patio!

  3. First of all, I’m jealous! I want a pineapple bed! I’ve never seen a dome patio before, but I love the clean lines. I wouldn’t mind having one of those to offer shade in my back yard.

  4. Those outdoor areas are really lovely, who wouldn’t want something like this in their home! It’s perfect for the summer and it’s great of entertaining guests too, especially with the Holidays coming soon!

  5. Wow, I want to experience outdoor living too. My current space is very limited but hopefully when I have my own home.

  6. I am with you when it comes to enjoying outdoor activities with my husband. I have heard about Patios before, but never know that they could be such amazing for your outdoor area. I would definitely love to know more about it!

  7. I sure know about the heat and sun since I live in Florida. We’ve been trying to find something affordable for years for our back porch and this might be a solution!

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