Easy Does It!

Most people seem to think I have it all together. This is hilarious to me, because I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT. Not even a little! I think that’s one reason why I never allow myself to stop and take a break, because there’s always something I can see that needs to be accomplished!

I have learned something, though. Even though I can look around and see things that need to be accomplished, it’s okay to not get everything completed at the same time! Easy does it! So I just thought I’d do a post today to encourage those who feel overwhelmed with all there is to do around their homes. It’s okay! You don’t have to do it all at once! Easy does it! Just go little by little! Let me show you what I mean: here are three things I did in three different rooms of my house that made a difference…and were cost-effective and EASY!

1. I added curtains to the sliding glass doors in the living room


The blinds have been there since we moved in, but I hadn’t been able to find the right curtains for the sliding glass doors in our living room in over a year. I searched everywhere I could think of with no luck. The funny thing was, I was actually at Target with my hubby looking for curtains for the DINING ROOM when he picked these up and said, “What about these?” “No,” I said, “Those aren’t the right style for the Dining Room. Nice for the Living Room, but not the Dining Room, babe.”

**Insert “ah-ha” moment here**

“OH! Those are PERFECT for the Living Room!!!”

**Insert my husband rubbing his ear here**

Long story short, he picked out the rod to go with them, too (I was so impressed!) and we hung them ourselves! (Hanging them ourselves is a BIG deal, people! We are not the handiest folks in the world…and we’ve never hung curtains before!) I was thrilled with how they turned out – I feel like they warmed up the entire room!


2. I added a welcome basket to the guest room


I always want to make sure our guests are comfy, and someone gave me this basket and these hygiene items, so I decided to use them for our guests! I’ll add things like bottled water and snacks to this basket when folks visit, and in case they forget anything, they’ll be all set! (It’s the little touches that make a difference!)


3. I added wall decor to the office


My husband is a fan of Coca Cola, if you couldn’t tell, so I’m constantly picking up Coke stuff here and there and everywhere. We decided to use it to decorate our office with, which is working out nicely! I had all three of these signs, I just had to hang them up! So that’s all I did!


I say all that to say this: don’t be overwhelmed. Just pick one thing and focus on it and get it taken care of! You’ll feel so much better about the state of your home, and you’ll have the inspiration to do something else, and before you know it…you won’t be overwhelmed anymore! Easy does it!

What’s the ONE THINGΒ you’re thinking of that you will do in YOUR home?

66 thoughts on “Easy Does It!

    • Thank you, Stefany! And yes, I was surprised at the change in the room just from the curtains!

  1. Oh my goodness! I love the Coca-Cola items! I have always wanted to decorate with them, but I always thought it was too much, but you have done it in an awesome way! What a great post, I love it. And the curtains, are awesome.

  2. Wow!!The curtains definitely made the room brighter and brings in a lot of aesthetic feel! I love the basket too !! The one thing I wish I can do in our home is Accent wall !!

  3. We are trying to get rid of clutter in our house… Where does it all come from anyway? I am also going to redo our spare room that we use as an office.
    I like the new curtains in your living room. Blinds give such a hard feeling to a room and the curtains seem to soften it.

  4. Beautiful…and welcome basket is a brilliant idea…never thought of doing it for guests coming home..
    Better late than never..u have shared a wonderful idea to implement. Thanks a ton.

  5. I love your curtains! They do add a pop of color and they are just gorgeous! Great job!

    And the gift basket is a lovely idea for your guests. I always make sure I have a little “bedside basket” when guests come to visit, including bottles of water in case they get thirsty during the night and I would hate for them to stumble around in the dark.

    My mom always has a night light available when my grands – her great grands – visit. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Alli! Gotta love Target! And yes, I fill the basket with all kinds of comfy goodies!

  6. It looks like you’re doing A-Okay to me. I definitely do not have it together and frankly, I don’t even try to pretend I do anymore LOL.

    • I quit pretending too LOL I don’t get why people still think that. Very amusing πŸ™‚

  7. All of your home improvement projects have turned out nicely. You are so right, easy does it. Everything doesn’t just have to be done right away. That would take some of the fun out of it anyway. As long as you own a home, you will always have projects to do! Our project has grown a bit this summer, much to do!

    • Oh, that’s true, Shirley, it WOULD take some of the fun out of it! Good luck with YOUR projects!

  8. My husband is a Coca Cola collector too! I am going to check out Target first, I was just about to start looking for fabric to make draperies for our master bedroom. I love the guest basket idea too!

  9. It all looks beautiful. I am a big fan of the Coca-Cola decor, actually bought several items yesterday for our new home. Maybe you can come help me as I have no talent for decorating.

    • Well, I’m not sure I have any talent either, Jennifer…I just mess with stuff until I like how it looks LOL

  10. Your guest room is so inviting. I love the welcome basket. The curtains look wonderful and yes they warm up the room nicely. It is amazing what a window treatment can do for a rooom! All looks great!

    • It really is amazing, Kristi! I never realized what kind of affect curtains had on a room until now!

  11. I love the updates you did – I always find myself so overwhelmed and want to do everything but never know where to start! Love the guest box so much

  12. I have most of my home complete, but my bedroom is bare. We focused on every room in the house, and that is the last that needs to be done. Since it’s such a personal space, I am waiting until I find things that I absolutely love to put on the walls. Your touches look great!

    • Oh yes, I agree, Theresa! I want to have my home full of things I LOVE, not just things to fill a space, ya know? And I’m getting ready to redo our bedroom soon, too…it’s been the same for almost 4 years now, and we need a change!

  13. I agree, breaking things down is very helpful!! Everything you have here is great, and high five to your husband on the curtain selection. Those are nice.

  14. I have a two bedroom apartment it’s my first ever place I’ve lived on my own with my husband for the first few years we were struggling and living with friends. I have been working on adding pictures to my ulgly brown pannled wall because I’m going to forever be haunted by these pannels if I ever own my own house I’ll never have them lol that’s for a different story though. I have finally put up family photos on the ulgly brown wall and now it’s a focal point of the living room and not so much an eye sore lol I re did my bedroom but now were going to switch the rooms around for us and the kids. yes little by little because I don’t have entire days to just focus on one room at a time. I love those cutrians your hubby has great taste. sounds like something my hubby would do

  15. I love the little addition to the guest bedroom. That is such a cute idea. When I own a home, I want to do this for my guests. Little, thoughtful acts go a long way.

  16. Very nice. I love all of the things that you have done. Really love the bedspread and the curtains your husband picked out are very nice and go well.

    We just finished a major remodel of our kitchen (complete gutting) a bathroom, living room and garage. SO…I am done for awhile.

    • That bedspread came from Bed, Bath & Beyond πŸ™‚ And I would be done for a while if I was you, too! LOL

  17. Love all 3, as always. Ya’ll have great taste.
    Well, you know what I had planned next. Due to the demise of the gorgeous chandelier, that’s not happening for a while. So, tonight we bought 2 cheapie floor lamps from Wal-mart. (Real cheap, $7 each!) oh well, light is the most important thing.

  18. I love your decoration ideas! Not to mention that your guest room looks really good! I love that bed set, and the welcome basket is a great idea!

    • LOL I know, I loved them right when my hubby showed them to me, Jamie! Target! Gotta love it!

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