Seven Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

It’s been a while since we’ve done any traveling. Have I mentioned that recently here? I think I have…because it’s been a WHILE since we’ve done any traveling! I’m missing it! This weekend we are going on a teeny getaway (thanks to Papa and Nana watching the twinsies) for the first time in over two years. And I must say, it’s kind of whetting my appetite for a bit more travel. Oh, if only we could all travel and keep working and keep on going with life all at the same time, right?

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It might just be more possible than you think!

In our modern age of the internet, traveling around the world has become easier than ever. Visiting faraway countries used to be a distant dream for most people. But now, modern technology has brought the whole world into everyone’s reach! Faster flights, loads of information on almost any destination can be found on the internet, and the ability to book flight tickets and accommodations online has enabled almost everyone to visit their own dream destination. Now you can book one of the luxurious Cabins in Breckenridge to spend a beautiful holiday in Colorado or plan a trip to Iceland to witness the magical Northern Lights, all from your own computer! What a time to be alive!!!

Earn Money While Traveling

However, one of the most important things which made travelling around the world even a much more achievable dream for many is the emergence of a whole new genre of jobs allowing folks to work on the go. Now, if you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can have a full-time career without ever setting foot in an office. As these jobs are becoming more and more popular with every passing moment, more and more people are getting to experience what travelling is really about – and that is freedom. You can do these jobs from anywhere as per your convenience – so you won’t ever have to worry about getting a leave for your upcoming vacation! And if you are someone who is in love with travelling and the freedom that comes with it, here are the top seven ways you can earn money while traveling…

Travel Blogging

The most straightforward and obvious way to make money while traveling is by becoming a travel blogger. Setting up a website or a blog has become really easy in recent years. You just have to buy a domain for yourself and design a website for your domain to start your blog. After that, you can simply write about your experiences which you gathered while on your travels and post them on your blog. And as you will be travelling around the world, you will have a lot of content to post on your blog. In fact, it is the perfect job for a full-time traveler, as you will have to travel in order to do the job. As long as you keep on posting new and informative pieces, you can expect to attract a lot of visitors, and you can earn money by running ads on your site.

Travel Vlogging

Travel vlogging is another perfect job for each and every traveler, as this makes traveling an essential part of your job. Travel vlogging is just like travel blogging, only in video format. You need to create travel videos and post them on an online platform such as YouTube to start your career as a travel vlogger. You can create informative videos, food-related videos, daily vlogs…whatever your heart wishes. As long as you have a camera, a laptop and an internet connection, you are good to go. YouTube is the most popular platform for vlogging, and there are various other social media sites where you can start your channel.

Freelance Photography

Another great way to follow your passion for travel and earn money through it is becoming a freelance travel photographer. The internet is full of bloggers and websites continuously looking for some good clicks. And if you have a camera, decent sense of photography and some editing skills, you can be sure to be able to start earning money by selling your pictures online. There are a lot of websites where you can upload your picture and earn money for every download. Also remember to build up your Instagram profile, as you can get many paid gigs for websites, or you can even bag some projects from the local people of the place you are traveling through.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is most probably the oldest and the most popular freelance job. Freelance content writing jobs existed even before the birth of the internet, and they are not going away. You can work with a lot of blogs or websites to work as a freelance contributor with them. If you are good enough, you can also be hired as a freelance writer for some newspapers or magazines. Websites like iWriter and Upwork also see regular postings for freelance writing projects which you can easily pick up and start earning.

Day Trading

Buying stocks and selling them for profit has always been a popular choice of investment. However, with the emergence of cryptocurrencies, day trading has seen a lot of interest from the younger generation. Day trading in cryptocurrencies holds a significant amount of risk, however, they do return a significant amount of returns if invested smartly. And if you have a lump sum amount of money to invest, then day trading can be a wonderful way to earn some real money while traveling.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is another job which you can do remotely while travelling around the world. Many freelance sites post these jobs on a regular basis. Your responsibilities vary from job to job, starting from tedious data management jobs to easy jobs like booking tickets or managing appointments for your clients, etc.

Freelance Translator

If you know more than one language, then you can easily get some project as a freelance translator. Sites like Elance and Upwork have many translation jobs which you can easily bid for. If you are efficient enough, you can be sure to land quite a few projects as there is a growing market for translators on the internet.

So what do you think of these ideas? Are YOU ready for a career change? Hey, I just might be!  

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