Don’t Forget About the Roses

As you’ve heard me mention of late, we recently purchased a new home. One of the reasons why we love this house is that it’s great for entertaining! Wide open spaces, lots of natural light, great places to set up a hearty buffet, and plenty of room for our friends and family! We’ve had two gatherings here so far in the two-and-a-half months that we’ve lived here…and I’m about to have another one this coming weekend. Still loving how the house works so seamlessly for entertaining!

tay amazing!

Besides the space, light and room, I, like you, have my own favorite elements to add to any gathering I host. 

  1. Fresh towels in the guest bathroom. You know…the GOOD towels that people are afraid to use?! I LOVE having my bathroom stocked with those! it’s like bringing out the good china!
  2. A good variety of foods in the kitchen. I normally want something sweet, something healthy, something crunchy, something salty…you get the idea. As long as anyone who comes in my home has SOMETHING to eat, I’m good.
  3. A wonderful smell throughout the home. Sometimes that comes from whatever I’ve had baking in the kitchen. Sometimes from diffusing essential oils or burning candles. And sometimes…from fresh flowers!

In fact, fresh flowers will add to almost any gathering, wouldn’t you agree? I love my local grocery store, because they have a small “florist” section, and I can always pick up what I might need for any gathering. Or even grab a nice assortment of blooms if I feel like fresh flowers on the table for dinner!

But, you know what? I’ve gotten SO used to ordering just about anything online and having it shipped to the house. I mean, come on – anytime I have to go somewhere, I have to prep 2 one-year-olds and their diaper bag to go with me. Once I arrive wherever I’m going, I either have to get them all situated in their stroller or in a shopping cart…and if it’s a shopping cart, is there a double shopping cart? Do I have wipes to clean it off with? Do I have the shopping cart covers with me? It’s always an event for us to go anywhere!

So yes, we are BIG Amazon Prime folks at our house. And really, anything else we can have shipped in. Once I realized I could pretty much do a load of laundry in the amount of time it took me to get the girls ready, loaded, unloaded, loaded again and unloaded at home, I quit thinking having things shipped to the house was lazy, and started thinking it was pretty dang efficient! 

So when I discovered Roses Only, WOW. What a game-changer!


Because,  honestly, when I go online to ORDER flowers, it’s really hard to know where to start. Most places you find have to contract with a local florist, and you always run the risk of having the arrangement you order online arrive looking NOTHING like the arrangement you ordered online. (*Raises hand* Yes, that’s happened to me.) It’s such a disappointment! And it feels like a waste of money, too! With Roses Only, your selected roses are shipped, and they arrive just how they should – no surprises or disappointments! 

Which is perfect, because not only do I enjoy having fresh flowers in my home for special events, but I love to send them to other folks, too! 

One thing I love about Roses Only is their unique variety. If I go to one of those search-engine-located flower companies, I get a decent generic assortment of flower offerings. But Roses Only?! They have an amazing list of the different types of roses they provide!

Red, Bright Pink, Pastel, White Cream, Cherry Brandy, Yellow, Mauve, and if you can’t choose, they’ll put together an assortment for you. 

The Cherry Brandy ones were the variety that threw me off. I couldn’t picture them, but no worries, because Roses Only gave me a great image to show them off:


Aren’t those gorgeous?! I imagine they could be used for any occasion. In fact, last year alone, we personally sent people flowers for a business grand opening, a hospital stay, a new baby, and an anniversary. If you have a particular occasion in mind, no worries. Roses Only has you covered! Hey, I even learned on their site that August 28 is Chinese Valentine’s Day. (So, if you really messed up in February, you can totally redeem yourself now, right?! Take note, guys!!!)

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 2.58.38 PM

Something else I love about Roses only is that their brand was launched over 20 years ago by Dutch immigrants Jan and Janny Ooms. 

Have I ever mentioned here on the blog that my grandmother was Dutch? That she came over from the Netherlands straight through Ellis Island when she was about 5 years old? And that one of my favorite things to do was look through her photo albums of the gorgeous photos she took of flowers in the Netherlands when she would return to visit? 

I’ll tell you what, it’s like ordering flowers from my grandma! And if I’ve heard my grandma say it once, I’ve heard her a thousand times say,  “Slow down! Take some time to stop and smell the roses”. (A little bit of food for thought: the original quote is attributed to golfer extraordinaire Walter Hagen, and reads: “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”)

So the next time you’re having a special event – maybe a baby shower, a birthday party, or even a girl’s night, why not add some fresh flowers into the mix? Don’t forget about the roses!

What are YOUR favorite elements to add in when you’re hosting an event in your home?

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget About the Roses

  1. Glad to know that you are enjoying your new home. If I will be hosting, I will also add flowers of course. It adds green energy, good smell , and beauty inside the house. And that is awesome.

  2. Those roses look fresh and beautiful. I love having fresh cut flowers in my home; especially in the Fall and Winter seasons when many of favorites have died down and are ready to hibernate. Enjoy your new abode! <3

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