Do You Believe in Winks…or Wonders?

This was originally a Facebook “note” I wrote several years ago, before I ever started this blog! Considering I saw the same movie yesterday (and that we just celebrated St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, too!) I thought I would share it here! I hope it is an encouragement to your heart!

I caught part of a movie this afternoon that I absolutely love. Premiering in 2002, “Signs”, featuring Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix, scared the heck out of me the first time I saw it! One of M. Night Shyamalan’s masterpieces (I LOVE his films!), it blew my mind, and as I’ve watched it over and over again in recent years, I seem to glean more from it during each viewing.


This last time, I stumbled upon it about halfway through, right at the point that Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) is deep in conversation with his brother, Merrill Hess (Joaquin Phoenix). Graham comments:

“People break down into two groups. When they experience something lucky, group number one sees it as more than luck, more than coincidence. They see it as a sign, evidence, that there is someone up there, watching out for them. Group number two sees it as just pure luck. Just a happy turn of chance. I’m sure the people in group number two are looking at those fourteen lights in a very suspicious way. For them, the situation is a fifty-fifty. Could be bad, could be good. But deep down, they feel that whatever happens, they’re on their own. And that fills them with fear. Yeah, there are those people. But there’s a whole lot of people in group number one. When they see those fourteen lights, they’re looking at a miracle. And deep down, they feel that whatever’s going to happen, there will be someone there to help them. And that fills them with hope. See what you have to ask yourself is what kind of person are you? Are you the kind that sees signs, that sees miracles? Or do you believe that people just get lucky? Or, look at the question this way: Is it possible that there are no coincidences?”

I read a book a few years back called, “When God Winks: How the Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life”, by SQuire Rushnell. In it he states, “There is a powerful correlation between wishes and winks, because when your wish comes true or your prayer is answered, it sometimes comes in the form of a coincidence – a wink from God.”


Now, I’m not one to say that because chicken was on sale in the grocery store today, and your entire menu this week revolves around chicken, the power of coincidence has shown itself in your life and God has blessed that chicken and that grocery store and your grocery cart and all of your other items and smiled upon you…okay? I mean, I don’t think that EVERYTHING that happens is a coincidence, or a “Godwink”, as Rushnell calls them. I’m sorry…I’m just a little too cynical for that…which could be good or bad, I don’t really know.

But when you’ve just finished an incredible book, and a friend calls you and details out some issues they’ve been having, and you realize that book speaks to all of that…THAT’S a Godwink. Just think: right at the same time they are going through all of these issues, you just happen to have finished reading a book that could encourage them? When you don’t even really have time to read in the first place, right? What made you choose that book, at that time, and actually finish reading it, just in time for them to call you and cry on your shoulder? Kinda crazy, huh? If you start thinking about things in this manner…well…it could either encourage you or drive you nuts!

Last week I was late. And I HATE being late. I really do. I was still muttering about it as I flew down the road, fuming at everyone who was in my way and fussing at myself for not being on time…when I came upon a huge accident. I mean, it was bad. And the thought crossed my mind, as I’m sure it has crossed everyone’s…what if I had been on time? I could have been right in the middle of that!

In an attempt to bring my attitude back to a good place and actually “get over myself”, I shot a quick prayer heavenward: “Lord, thank You. That could have been me and it wasn’t. Thank you for your protection.”

And you know what I heard in a gentle yet somewhat reproachful response? “Kristen…you have no idea.”

I was taken aback for a moment…and then I got it. You and I have no idea the number of times that the Lord drops His hedge of protection over us on a daily basis. We have no clue how many times He’s saved us – from an accident, from a bad financial choice, from a relationship doomed to fail, from a life decision that could have ruined our family…the list could go on and on. WE HAVE NO IDEA. Was I late due to coincidence? I think not.

I choose to be a person who sees a

So I choose to be a person who sees a miracle. I choose to be the person who feels, deep down, whatever’s going to happen, there will be Someone there to help me. I choose to have hope.

Do you choose that, as well? Or do you choose to be suspicious? Chalk it up as a fifty-fifty situation? Think it could be bad…could be good…but fearfully decide that you’re on your own, no matter what?

Do you believe in winks…or wonders?

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27 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Winks…or Wonders?

  1. Miracles, winks, wonders, whatever you want to call them….happen every day, many times a day, I am absolutely sure of it. 🙂 My daughter and I do the traffic thing you mentioned- when there is a delay, we just say, “angels are keeping us out of an accident up ahead- thank you, God!” 🙂 Some people think that miracles are only things that used to happen in the Old Testament. Nope-they are alive and well and very current. Sometimes they’re huge, sometimes small (can a miracle even be classified into a size? I really don’t think so- I think that’s a “human thing”!!! lol), but they’re going on around us all. the. time. ♥ Watch for ’em. 😉

    Kristen, thank you for a wonderful post.

  2. I am skeptical by nature, but I do think there are some good people left out there. I think for me, it all just depends on the situation.

  3. I have often been in a situation where I wonder about a situation if it is coincidence or pure luck? Calling them Godwinks is interesting. Just this morning my car wouldn’t start to take my oldest to school. We ran our booties off all the way there and she made it in time. I know that I was to use this as a learning experience for the kids. I also haven’t made it to the gym this week due to sick kids. Maybe this was a way of the universe telling me to get in those steps.

  4. This was a very interesting read. I have found myself in those moments a whole lot, I typically just giggle and say luck is in my favor or so but I love the saying God Winks. I’m definitely going to use that saying.

  5. My answer is ”I don’t know’. I really don’t know. Incidences happen and some think, What if, and then others think, bad luck, and then others think, God was watching over them. I never know because I’ve always thought, if God was watching over them , then why was he not watching over the other guy? I do sometimes think it is timing but then .. I just don’t know.

  6. I think there are NO coincidences, I have so many obvious signs from God in my life and I’ve journaled them all to pass down to my children. I have no doubt of that they were directly from Him as a sign of His love, protection and direction! Thanks for sharing this post, very thought provoking!

  7. I do believe in the winks at times, I think some things happen at exactly the time they need to. But then again, I am also like you and don’t believe that winks happen all the time like the incidence with the chicken sale.

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  10. As I grow older, I believe in a lot more “winks” and “wonders” or whatever you want to call them. I think as you come to terms with the fact of your own mortality, you would like to think that there are a lot of winks and wonders out there.

  11. Signs was a great movie. I just watched it last week. I like to believe in miracles. I have seen a few in my lifetime.

  12. One of my favorite movies! & I do believe in miracles & wonders. I’m definitely going to have to check this book out!

  13. I totally believe that God has a hedge of protection around those that love Him and serve Him! I’ve seen too much over the years to not believe. He opens doors that no man can open and closes doors that man can’t close. And he uses that still small voice to get our attention. And don’t forget about his guardian angels protecting us. I believe in God winks!

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