DIY Summer Wreath!

Hopefully wherever you live now you’re feeling the effects of summer! Here in Florida, it’s HOT. I’m eternally grateful for air conditioning, that’s for sure! But I’m also eternally grateful to live near the beach! We’re near enough to be able to go over to the beach for a long or short weekend (this past Saturday we spent the afternoon and evening at John’s Pass) but far enough away that our insurance premiums aren’t “coastal”! It’s a beautiful thing!

So when I decorated my Summer Holiday Shelf this month, I did it “beachy”! Did you see it? If not, CLICK HERE to see what I’m rambling on about. But what I ran into was that I couldn’t find any kind of beachy door decor. I like to hang something that coordinates with the shelf on the inside of the front door, since it’s right next the shelf. After a few days of searching all my favorite spots, I listened to my husband (who constantly tells me, if you can’t find what you like, just make it yourself like you do everything else!) and decided to make it myself. I thought I’d share with all of you, too, because it was super easy!

Here’s my “ingredients”:


That, my friends, is a plain wooden frame from Michael’s, and a collection of “beachy” decor balls from Michael’s, as well. Oh, and if you want to get great deals from Michael’s, do check out this link! Fantastic savings at:Β

I added in my trusty glue-gun (gotta love the zebra print!) and some leftover burlap stuff that I had used on the shelf.


Then I arranged the balls on top of the frameΒ in a way I thought they would fit nicely.

I’m not sure why, but I always end up doing anything hot-glue on the stove. I guess I figure the stove gets hot, so hot glue won’t bother it!

Then I hot-glued the balls to the frame!


You can tell I had some space left over, which is what I needed the burlap for…


I cut a few slices of that and tucked it into the empty spaces with some hot glue, as well.

And there you have it!


I must say, I was pretty excited with how it looked…until I hung it up.


It was cute, and I really liked the angle of it, but I noticed that I could still see the frame in a couple of spots. And then I remembered that I had something that would take care of that in no time…


Aren’t those the cutest?! I had bought them a while ago for another project, and then ended up using something else instead, so these had been sitting in my stash! They were perfect!


Don’t you think?!

At this point, all I was worried about was shutting the door, ha! (I just KNEW that shutting the door would send everything toppling to the ground!) But it’s been up for a while now, and no toppling!

So there you have it!


What do you think about this summer wreath? I hope it sparks your imagination! There are all shapes and sizes of wooden frames like this that you can purchase, and the assortment of decor balls is endless!


87 thoughts on “DIY Summer Wreath!

  1. This is such a cute idea, I love the colors and the creative use of burlap. The flowers definitely added the perfect touch. I am pretty envious of that zebra-striped glue ton, too. Very fun! I love beach-themed crafts and have tons of shells I have collected and some sand dollars, may have to do something similar, thanks for the inspiration.

    • I know, it’s the one thing I didn’t have, seashells! Thanks for your comment, Minette!

  2. That turned out so cute and looks so easy. I can not wait until we move and I get my house with the crafting room!!

    • That would be fun, Becca! Although I’m not nearly so good as you think I am…I just mess with stuff until I like it LOL

  3. Hahah! I have that exact same glue gun. Sorry, found it funny that that was the first thing I focused on. The wreath looks great! I always love homey wreaths like that!

  4. OMG…I am totally in love with this idea. I have been at the craft store almost everyday for a week. I some times go just to be inspired but I want to try and make one of these.

  5. I loved the final result. It’s funny because I was also looking at the first version thinking something is missing. Very creative! I need to make one or two of these with my kids. They would love that as a summer activity.

    • I do that all the time, Paula LOL I stand and stare at something thinking, what does this NEED? LOL

  6. Very cute! I love the addition of the burlap and it fills the frame nicely. Great job and thanks for sharing!

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