DIY Essential Oil Products with Got Oil Supplies (GIVEAWAY INCLUDED!)

Before I get too far into this post, here’s my disclaimer: I am NOT an expert on essential oils! There is SO much to learn about oils, and how to use them, and all the things you can create with them – it can be pretty overwhelming! But I have some great friends who have TONS of knowledge on the subject, and they’ve been super helpful in teaching me how to replace harmful toxins and chemicals with products featuring essential oils instead. I’m loving all this new knowledge these days…but there has been one thing that’s been a tad bit frustrating to me: where to PUT everything.

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I mean, for example: I made a nice lavender body cream the other day, and it’s now being stored in a Tupperware container. I have nothing against Tupperware, but Tupperware is made for FOOD, not for cosmetics! It’s kinda clunky and hard to store with my other lotions and creams, ya know? (If you’d like the recipe for the lavender body cream I made, CLICK HERE)

So when Stacy from Got Oil Supplies contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing a review here on the blog of a few items, I was totally intrigued! Call me silly, but I didn’t even realize that there was a company out there who offered essential oil supplies and containers (face palm). (Hey, I told you I’m no expert!)


When my shipment arrived and I opened the box, I immediately went to my “happy place”. Bottles and tubs and jars galore! It was amazing!


The first thing I did was transfer my lavender body cream into the large tub, and the second thing I did was make some lavender hand sanitizer and pour it into one of the spray bottles – super convenient. (And super easy with the funnel Stacy sent me, too!) Hello, folks: school’s back in. I’m all about the hand sanitizer, and the healthier I can make it, the better! (If you’d like the recipe for the lavender hand sanitizer I made, CLICK HERE)


If you want to create your own creams, rubs, sprays, blends, scrubs (anything within that wheelhouse) and you need an actual container for it (and you DO need an actual non-Tupperware container – trust me) I highly recommend checking out Got Oil Supplies’ website. My goodness, they even offer labels you can design and print on to make your own customized items, and SO MUCH MORE! You’ve got to check it out! I won’t lie – I seriously considered trying to make some kind of lavender “calming cream” or something to send home as party favors for all the parents at our twins’ 2-year-old birthday party last weekend! I mean, serious – who needs calming cream more than the parent of a 2-year-old?! And these containers would have been perfect! Maybe next year…


Other unique offerings from Got Oil Supplies include subscription boxes, business tools, diffusers and even jewelry! Whether you’re trying to start or maintain an essential oils business, or you just want to make sure your family is covered with a handful of supplies, they’ve got exactly what you need to feel organized. And we all know how much I LOVE to feel organized!


You also know I love to share that feeling of organization with all of you lovely supporters of this blog, so today I get to do just that in a big way! Are you ready?!

The folks at Got Oils Supplies are offering an amazing GIVEAWAY! Are you excited?!

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Good luck, everyone! Share this giveaway with all your oily friends! And be sure to check out all that Got Oils Supplies has to offer!

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What can you just not live without when it comes to essential oils supplies?

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  1. I like to use EO in the car as a means to help alleviate stress. Other drivers can be trying and with the right scent, I can calm down.

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