As normally happens with me, I came across a need for a printable, and I couldn’t find a printable that fit my need. So I made my own! And I decided I’d like to share it with you, too!

We have folks over for dinner a lot. We really enjoy it, but sometimes, depending on the people (or the number of people), I need a little more than just an idea in my head of what I’m cooking. I like to see everything in front of me…but I don’t like it all scribbled out. I like it to be nice and organized and pretty. So, allow me to introduce to you, the Dinner Menu:

Dinner Menu

Guests: I like to have everyone’s names in front of me. Just a thing I have!

Special Food Need(s): Since I’m allergic to wheat gluten and shrimp, I always like to check to see if I’m dealing with any allergies or other special food needs (i.e. medical diets) from any of my guests.

Date, time, location: Hey, it never hurts to clarify!

Main Course: That’s pretty self-explanatory

Notes: This I created for notes on the main course or the dinner event as a whole

The rest of the options are for salads, drinks & appetizers and breads & desserts. Then I threw in another notes section, just in case. I think I covered everything.

To download this printable for yourself, CLICK HERE! It is, after all, a great weekend to have folks over for dinner! Hope you’re able to make use of this!

And by the way, this post marks my 100th post here at The Road to Domestication! WOW! Time is a-flyin’!!!

22 thoughts on “Dinner Menu – FREE PRINTABLE!

  1. OMG, Kristen…we really are kindred spirits! We both did printables today. LOL

    I love your printable. I always do something similar…it does have to be neat, organized and PRETTY…it’s just more fun that way. My mother always kept records of all the dinner parties she had in a recipe box, that way she could pull out the last time a certain friend was over and not serve the same thing. I always thought that was a clever and practical idea.

    Having Rory, who has always been on a special medical diet, I know how important it is that she eat the correct foods. It always touched me, and Rory, and made her feel special when the mom of a friend would ask what she could eat so there would be something special for her at a birthday party or sleepover.

    These are great! 🙂

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