Dei Fratelli Review & Contest Announcement!

**PLEASE NOTE: While Dei Fratelli DID provide me with these products to review at no cost, I was not in any way paid for my review. The following opinion is hereby my own.**

Did you know that October is National Tomato Month?! I happen to LOVE tomatoes, and if there’s one thing that feeds my love of tomatoes, it’s Dei Fratelli’s products! Have you tried them yet?

A couple of weeks ago, my friends at Dei Fratelli sent me a lovely box full of their best goodies: pizza saucetraditional sauce, all-purpose Italian sauce, and whole tomatoes! Check out what I did with them…

Dei Fratelli Pizza Sauce






I think homemade pizza is always better than any other kind, and I really loved the taste of Dei Fratelli’s Pizza Sauce!

Dei Fratelli Traditional Sauce 









Baked Ravioli is one of my hubby’s favorite dishes, and the sauce was seasoned SO perfectly – it added to each bite!

So now, it’s your turn!


Dei Fratelli is celebrating National Tomato Month with their 7th Annual Dei Fratelli Ripened Recipe Contest. Share your favorite recipe(s) … and you could win Dei Fratelli products for an entire year! But hurry … all recipes must be submitted on or before November 15, 2014!

If you wanna be involved, CLICK HERE for the entry form!  It’s sure to be an awesome contest, and an entire YEAR of Dei Fratelli Products for FREE?! You can’t beat that!!!

Oh, and what of the other two products Dei Fratelli sent? Well…here ya go!

So, are you going to create a recipe with Dei Fratelli products? I’d love to hear about it! Do share!

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41 thoughts on “Dei Fratelli Review & Contest Announcement!

  1. This looks like really great sauce. I love how well the pictures show the consistency I haven’t seen this before will have to look for it!

  2. I always tell everyone to never try their pizza sauce. I did once and am so addicted! I have never made baked ravoli, I bet my boys would love it.

  3. I am right now sitting in a cabin in Montana on vacation. Coming up with easy ideas isn’t easy when you have one teeny, tiny stove.
    I had never heard of Dei Fratelli sauce so thank you so much for posting this. You have given me a great idea to make my Hubs for supper tonight.

  4. I didn’t know October is National Tomato Month! I haven’t heard of this brand but looks like I will be checking it out. By the way, that Ravioli looks mouthwatering 🙂

  5. My son would love to be your taste tester. He loves hos pizza and pasta. I am trying to get him to stick to the mostly raw vegan diet, but he is not quitting his favorites. That sauce looks so good

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