Day Two of the Christmas Home Tour!

Hey, guess what?! It’s Day Two of the Christmas Home Tour!


What did you think of yesterday’s tour? If you missed it, CLICK HERE!

Just a little overview for any new readers: I wanted to do a week of Christmas home tours here on the blog, so I’ve hand-selected five ladies who have invited me into their homes to view their Christmas decor. And I’m sharing it with all of you! So, without further ado, allow me to present…

Krysta’s House – Sassy & Classy

Meet Krysta:


One look at Krysta and you can see that she is both sassy AND classy! Her home is no different, and her Christmas decor is even more so! She really lets her personality shine through in her decor style! Let’s have a look…

This is the focal point of her living room – the fireplace.


It’s just as beautiful with a glow…


Also in the living room hangs the perfect example of compromise in marriage:


Two lovely trophies from Krysta’s husband, which have been “gussied up” for the Christmas season!

But her favorite part of the whole house is this tree:


“I tried to go ‘rustic’ on this one,” she explained. “Well. As ‘rustic’ as I could get! And I’m thrilled with how it turned out! I especially love the sweep of white branches, right in across the top!”


Here’s a closer look at the details:




Don’t you love all the different textures and materials, and how they all seem to work together?! Amazing!

We visited her step-daughter’s room next:


Such a beautiful and romantic Paris decor theme in this bedroom, with a “sweet” tree to top it all off!



All the little touches of peppermint are simply amazing!

And the other yummies are too cute!



Step-son Garrett’s tree is “the outdoorsy one”, Krysta commented.


Although a little Angry Birds here and there is always in good order.


The couple’s tree in the master suite is “a mixture of all the things we love”.


Disney included, of course!


Next is what the family refers to as “The Jesus Tree”, which resides in a small sitting area at the heart of the home.


It’s literally King of Kings and Lord of Lords, isn’t it?



Right around the corner is Krysta’s son’s room, complete with his own tree, as well!


A few vintage-style ornaments are the favorites on this piece of art!



Once you move past the bedrooms, even more beautiful decor can be found. Here’s the centerpiece of the kitchen’s eating area…


…and here’s the formal dining room.


Is it not gorgeous?! Don’t you just wanna sit down and have Christmas dinner now?

I love the sparkly “danglies” that hang from the chandelier! Simply breath-taking!


And the coordination between the table centerpiece and the mantle decor is perfect!



This was probably my favorite room of the entire house. SO pretty! And this room especially gives a nod to the 98-year-old home’s original design. See those built-ins in the corner? VERY early 1900’s!

It takes Krysta and her family 2 full days to put up all the decor, and about 2 hours to take it all down. She also has an entire loft in which to store all her elements, which comes in handy when there are SO MANY OF THEM!

Thanks a million to Krysta for allowing me to come into her home, and for sharing her creativity with all of us!

If this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will! I know I walked away from the house with a ton of ideas for things to do in MY home!

Whatcha think? What was your favorite part of Krysta’s home?

47 thoughts on “Day Two of the Christmas Home Tour!

  1. Oh my goodness!! Krysta’s house is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love all of the picture and decorations. My favorite is the Jesus tree, what a special tradition, a while tree dedicated to the true Gift of Christmas. I have to go check out the first house now!

  2. It is beautiful! I am a bit overwhelmed by the thought of all those trees to decorate but if she loves it more power to her! My oldest bought herself a small white tree that she decorates differently every year…I guess she is practicing for when she moves out! I still have to figure out the theme for this year…with being in a new house and all! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  3. Wow everything is gorgeous tree is awesome. Btw I like Krysta’s belt, it really caught my eyes (yeah I know, irrelevant to the Christmas post topic, lol, but seriously it’s cool).

    • Well, first of all, I’m blessed to know a lot of talented people! And second of all, the point is not to make your decor look bad! The point is to inspire you to enjoy your decor this year! No matter if it’s one tiny tree on a table or room after room of extravagancies! Own it and LOVE it! 🙂

  4. Oh, how adorable the deer are with their bow ties! I love the owls in the tree, the angry birds in the other tree, the crystals and baubles, the black and silver in the mantel, the Disney ornament, I love it all!! Mostly, I love love love that you are sharing these homes. Yesterdays was fabulous, today’s fantastic, and I just can’t wait for tomorrow’s. I am going to be so sad when this week is over!!

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  8. Wow… look at all those trees! They are beautiful. I love all of the small touches to brighten and cheer the unusual places for Christmas… like the ornament on the antlers. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  9. The only word I can think to describe this amazing décor is “eclectic”. I love how it is glamorous, natural, earthy, glitzy, exotic, woodsy………..just AWESOME!

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