Day Three of the Christmas Home Tour!

Hi, folks! Welcome to day three of the Christmas Home Tour! I have to tell you, I’m having SO much fun doing this series – I hope you are enjoying it, too!


So far we’ve toured two other homes this week! If you missed either of those, don’t despair!

Just a little overview for any new readers: I wanted to do a week of Christmas home tours here on the blog, so I’ve hand-selected five ladies who have invited me into their homes to view their Christmas decor. And I’m sharing it with all of you! Are you ready for day three? Here we go…

Tania’s House – Victorian D.I.Y.

Meet Tania:


Well, that’s Tania on the left. Her husband Lloyd is on the right! Tania decided that Lloyd need to be in the photo, as well, since they do so many of their Christmas projects as a team!

From the moment I pulled up to Tania’s home, I was hooked. Christmas was EVERYWHERE. Here’s what I saw…





Can you even take it all in?! And speaking of in, we still need to go IN!


Welcome to the formal dining room.


There are so many facets to this room, but let me just touch on a few of the details:

These special Christmas curtains and garland were hand-made for the beautiful bay window. Aren’t they gorgeous?!


Each of the place settings are arranged just so, with the perfect finishing touches!


This cabinet is transformed into Christmas in a variety of forms, with each shelf revolving around a different theme!




And the formal dining room is completed by a beauty of a tree!


Moving on to the formal living room…and my personal favorite…


This fireplace was crafted by the couple BY HAND, and not only does it flicker beautifully, but the sound of a real crackling fireplace can be heard from a cleverly-placed soundtrack. Perfect!


The tree is nothing less than magnificent, graced at the top by an angel that Tania created herself…


…and even boasts gorgeous custom-designed candles!


Can you tell what they’re made out of?

“When I get an idea in my head of what I want, I don’t stop until I get it,” Tania laughs. “If I can’t do it, Lloyd can! We figure it out one way or another!”

And the results are beautiful!


Each of these stockings are also hand-made by Tania. Such talent she has!


The kitchen and eat-in area both have beautiful touches of Christmas…



…with the perfect view back to the glow of the formal living room!


Kinda takes your breath away, doesn’t it?!

The family room boasts a live tree, which is very special, because it’s covered with all the vintage decor left to Tania when her mom passed away several years ago.


Did you see the cute little elves climbing the ladder to finish off the decor?!


More beautiful Victorian pieces adorn the hutch…


…and a beautiful centerpiece graces the coffee table.


But what’s that in the background?


The story goes that Ll
oyd’s grandfather, Domenico Paladini, built an entire paper mache wall for Lloyd’s mom to house her Christmas village on back in the day in Italy. He started the project sometime in October and would leave it up through the holidays. The first year that Lloyd and Tania were married, he built her this paper mache “mountain” and she made all the ceramic nativity figures. It’s tradition!

There’s also a little bit of Christmas down the hall in the guest bedroom…



…and even in the bathroom!



A fun little fact about the above signs: the paper backing here is old wallpaper from Tania’s parent’s home. She discovered it after her mom passed away, and decided to use it for a special memorable project.

Even a quick glance out the back door yields a beautiful and peaceful Christmas surprise:


But one of my favorite projects has to be the life-size carolers that adorn the front porch.


Not only did Tania build each of these figures (from PVC pipe and Styrofoam) but she also designed and sewed each one of their outfits! Seriously! And with a CD player sounding out some gorgeous a Capella Christmas carols, the stage is set for a beautiful Christmas season, for sure!

Tania says she spends a good three weeks decorating her home, and when her decor isn’t being used, it’s actually stored in a warehouse! (She would need one, right?!)

Many thanks to Tania and Lloyd for opening their home and giving all of us a sneak peek!

Did these photos inspire you? What was your favorite part of Tania’s home?

41 thoughts on “Day Three of the Christmas Home Tour!

  1. Beautiful job, Kristin! You’ve captured our home beautifully! If I may make a couple minor but important corrections. The nativity was inspired by Lloyd’s Grandfather Domenico Paladini in Italy. The second being, I wish I could get all my decorations up in only three days, it’s more like 3 weeks. Thank you again for a beautiful job, well done.

  2. Wow, it’s hard to believe that just two people do all this! It’s marvelous and beautiful and so well done. I love the idea of this series, Kristin. This place should certainly win awards!

  3. WOW! I could look at those images over and over! How incredibly gorgeous, and what time and love that must have taken to put together! I have two Littles who would have the bulbs off the tree, and the lighted reindeer “swimming” in no time. I think my very favorite part was the tree decorated with her herilooms passed down from her mom. What a precious tree that would be, filled with memories! Please tell her thank you for sharing that with us, and thank you for putting it up for others to enjoy as well! I will be sharing this on my Facebook Page, The Welcoming House.
    Blessings to you and yours,
    ~Heather @ The Welcoming House Blog

  4. And I am completely Wowed again! These homes are beautiful! Mine isn’t. My house needs a major facelift (carpet, paint, furniture) and I have little time to decorate. I hope it is still comfortable and inviting to guests, but it is not pretty. Maybe someday when we get out of debt?

    • Hey, not everything in life is pretty. We all have things we want to change about our home, but the important thing is who we share it with! (No matter if you have a whole house of decorations or a string of tinsel!)

  5. Wow!! Gorgeous. Yes, Lloyd deserves to be in the photo because I KNOW he had a lot to do with the decorating. That’s a lot of stuff inside and outside for one person, it had to be team work.
    Thanks for the peek into someone else’s Christmas world.

  6. The Crhistmas carolers from Ye Olde Toy Shoppe are also my favorite. This home is so beautifully decorated for Christmas! Thank you for sharing. Your photography is fabulous as well. It is great to have the pics of the lights on at night 🙂
    I am enjoying this peek inside of beautifully decorated homes!

  7. I love it, especially the palm trees over Mary and Josephine! I like that we got to see the outside too!

  8. I have so loved this daily Christmas tour you are taking us on. This house is spectacular. I can see myself being a guest wanting to spend hours in each room at a time, taking it all in and it is so obvious this family must be amazing hosts with all the love and time they put into this, even sharing of their past in these moments. Beautiful inside and out. Thank you all so much for sharing your homes and Kristin of your talents in sharing <3

  9. That is beautiful! I would love to do something similar around my house except my cats would knock some of them off. I am really enjoying this home tour!

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  11. This tour is very amazing. It is so beautiful, wonderful, and gorgeous. I don’t know what other words to explain. Tania and Llyod have done really great job with full of patience. Thank you very much for sharing.

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  13. This Victorian Christmas décor is lovely, and it is like being in Italy. I love the faux painting around the doorway to the living room and the valance in the dining area. It would feel like Christmas abroad with all the rich burgundy and gold! No passport required!

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