Day 4 of The Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever!

Today is Day 4 of the series: The Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever! I’m really feeling like Thanksgiving is in the air, aren’t you?!


Let’s recap, in case you missed any of the yummies so far:

Today, Lorelai from Life With Lorelai and Esther from Townships Mum are gracing us with their presence, and some tried and true recipes for everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving pies! No one at your gathering will be disappointed, we promise!

Mississippi Pecan Pie

Lorelai says: “This has always been a family favorite. In fact, I make this pie every year for my son’s birthday (he’s like mom…not big on cake). This is an extremely easy recipe and the deliciousness is out-of-this-world!!! The best pecan pie EVER!”



Lorelai also sent me a picture of her finished pie to share:

Pecan Pie

**SIGH** How wonderful does that look?!

Pumpkin Pie

Esther says: “This is from a unique old cookbook put together by the women who formed a branch of the United Empire Loyalists’ Association (my area of Southern Quebec was largely settled by loyalists fleeing the Revolutionary war in the States). Most of the recipes were passed down from family member to family member.”Ā  <—Seriously, how cool is that?!



Mmm…PIE! Thanks so much for your contributions, ladies! These are the perfect compliments to any Thanksgiving feast! Make sure you check out their blogs, too!

Lorelai can be found HERE
Esther can be found HERE

Iā€™d also like to thank Dedra from Prettiful Designs for the lovely printable backgrounds!

Hope you all enjoyed Day 4 of The Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever, and remember to come back tomorrow for the final installment, Day 5!

51 thoughts on “Day 4 of The Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever!

  1. I read “Mississippi MUD Pecan Pie”… I was looking for the chocolate!!!! You can tell where my mind is. šŸ™‚
    I love pie and these both sound amazing. I especially like the stories that came with each; one from a tradition and one from a strong political belief. Recipes can be like a family tree.
    Great job girls!!

    • That’s funny, Vee, because I added the “mud” in more than once while I was preparing this post! HA! I just went back to make sure I didn’t leave it in there anywhere! LOL And I love your analogy that recipes can be like a family tree! So cool!

  2. I am to not big on cake, well most sweet things for this matter (I know it is strange), so I am always grateful for simple, proven dessert recipes that I can make with out craving them. Thank you for this ones!

  3. Recipes can be like a family tree… This pecan pie was first made by my Great-Grandmother… as far as I know. It is super easy and so delicious. Kristen the printable is beautiful! Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to take part, and for all of your hard work in getting this series together. I love it, and am so excited to give these wonderful recipes a try. šŸ™‚

    Life With Lorelai

  4. Help!!! There is an ingredient missing in the pecan pie, where is the syrup and how much! You say to mix it in your directions but that is the only place it is! I have just found your site and Love it!

  5. Loving the looks of all these great recipes!! Too bad our Thanksgiving is already over šŸ™ It’s not quite the deal it is in the USA, but we still get together with family for a meal. Christmas isn’t far off, though….that’ll be a great excuse to try them out!

  6. oh yum! being the ‘un’cook in the family, I am certainly sharing these with my mom and daughter in hopes they will graciously take my hint šŸ™‚ they are the amazing family cooks.. i am the person who gets asked to bring the ‘rolls’ or paper goods to gatherings.. the 2014 goal is to change all that ‘with a little help from my blog friends’.

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