Cyber Monday and More!

Hello, all, and Happy Monday! Just a regular Monday this is, but in one week exactly, it will be Cyber Monday!


Oh. What’s Cyber Monday, you ask?

Cyber Monday is MY Black Friday. I just don’t have the patience to deal with all the crazy folk out there who will break a leg for a Tickle Me Elmo. I’m sorry. I just can’t do it.

SO, on Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) with my previously-prepared list, I sit down and do ALL my Christmas shopping online. In my pajamas. With a cup of hot chocolate and in the span of about 30 minutes. Then, for the next two weeks, gifts simply arrive at my door. I wrap them and place them under the tree. It’s quite the system. (And yes, I get some great deals, and even some free shipping!)

If you’ve never heard of Cyber Monday before, or you don’t know how to get started, visit for all the details!

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about that. You’ll thank me later. Promise!

And also, today I am guest-blogging over at Called to be a Mom for the lovely Jill. My topic today is called Hosting Out-of-Town Guests AND Thanksgiving Dinner and you can find it by clicking HERE! I do hope you enjoy it!

That’s it for this Monday, folks! The regular “Over the Weekend” post is slated for tomorrow, and there’s lots of great stuff going on this week here on The Road to Domestication!

32 thoughts on “Cyber Monday and More!

  1. hahaha because I’m usually working on Cyber Monday I do the Black Friday deals. I’ll be there on Thursday night. Last year we were in and out and back home in less than an hour. We went to Walmart which has a price match of all circulars so we got everything we wanted there. Had our list and was done. Will probably do the same this year as well. 🙂

    • Wow, less than an hour! That’s fantastic! (That doesn’t happen around here…last year there was a lady who was trampled and really hurt at Walmart.) People go out after dinner and don’t come back until around lunch the next day. I need to come to YOUR Walmart! 🙂

  2. I do Cyber Monday, too and have for years. I tried black Friday years ago with my daughter and I just didn’t get it at all. Actually, I do most of my shopping online. My FedEx man and UPS guy is on a first name basis with me and I always warn them that they will probably be hating me before the Christmas season is over. Great post.

  3. I’m with you… I hate Black Friday. I just don’t understand all of those people. I’ve done a small amount of online shopping, but have never even attempted Cyber Monday. Are there any secrets to getting great prices or are they just out there?

    Life With Lorelai

    • Well, I do a lot of catalog shopping, so I’ve mapped out what I wanted beforehand. Lots of folks do free shipping, and lots tell you what they’re up to at the link I included in the post. If there are any secrets, I don’t know them. I just know it’s easier and saves me time! LOL

  4. Ok, I usually love Black Friday! Not to go buy a bunch of stuff but just to be out with the crowds and chat with people. I know I must be a bit sick! This is the first year I have ever bought Christmas gifts online and I actually think I will wrap it up online also. Thanks for the information. Maybe I am getting old! 😉

  5. I love cyber Monday! I do all of my shopping that I can online too. I refuse to fight those Big Box store and Mall crowds. I went one time and the way people acted cured me. There are some really great Black Friday online deals to be had also. Last year Lilla Rose has a great Black friday Sale. I hope they do so again this year as well.

  6. I am actually taking the day off to shop Cyber in my jammes with leftover turkey. Just me and my dogs.. best way ever to shop! I dislike shopping a LOT!!! So thankful for technology, the internet, online shopping!! Great deals on Black Friday, but not for me.. I’d be the crazy lady having a meltdown on the news. Ughhhh, just the thought of it sends me into a panic!

  7. My husband has to work and is trying to convince me to go out in that madness for ONE thing. Does he not realize that it is totally not worth it?!?! I refuse to be beat down for something that can wait.

    • I went once in the early morning, and decided that wasn’t for me. Then once at about lunch time (thinking most people would be tired and have gone home) and they were all still out. That wasn’t for me, either. HA!

  8. I sure do love Cyber Monday too! We used to enjoy Black Friday, it isn’t the same these days though. Shopping at home in my jammies with a cup of cappuccino in front of the fireplace is just so much more enticing!

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