Creativity Meets Inspiration with “She Wears Love”

Meet Devony Scott.


She’s a cowgirl. A mom. And an entrepreneur.

She’s from a small town in Central Florida, but she’s got BIG ideas, and she’s not afraid to act on them! While she owns a boutique in the historic downtown area (CLICK HERE to pay a virtual visit to Sister’s & Company!) I recently discovered that she had a brand new line of jewelry out on the market, and I sat down to chat with her about how she does it all. She shared her heart with me, and took time to offer encouragement to anyone else who may have an idea…but they just aren’t sure how to act on it.

Kristen: Tell me a little bit about yourself, your family and your life!

Devony: Well, I have 2 boys. I was married for 10 years, and then divorced suddenly. I’ve had the store for quite a while now, and have always loved retail and being creative, too!

Kristen: When did you first become interested in creating your own line of jewelry?

Devony: I found myself needing new income after the divorce. The dream was to create my own lifestyle line: start with jewelry, and then create along with that anything and everything that I loved! I wanted to create things that made me happy, and that made other people happy, too!

Kristen: Why did you decide to keep doing it?

Devony: I eventually became okay with doing my own thing, but I’m not a salesperson. I just believe that, if you’re passionate about something, it sells itself. And that’s kind of what happened. The Lord gave me the ideas for it, and He is making the outlet for it. The doors started opening and just kept opening, so I said, okay, I’m gonna close my eyes and follow along. If it makes any sense, it’s like it was ordained. There’s no coincidence. And He gets the glory for it!

Kristen: What made you want to share it with others?

Devony: I’ve learned that the hardest thing you’ve had to go through in your life can become your ministry. I knew the divorce would be like that, but I just wasn’t sure what that looked like. The tag that’s on each piece of jewelry? I wrote that in my journal one night about three years ago. Everybody wants to be loved, but you have to feel the love from One Person before you can love others. It’s a business that’s turned into an outreach that’s turned into a ministry. I just think when you can see something beautiful come from something that was so hard…it’s more about the story than the jewelry. (If you want to see what the jewelry tag says, CLICK HERE!)

Kristen: What was the inspiration for the name of the jewelry line?

Devony: The name really came from a combination of Colossians 3:14 and my journaling. As hard as I try to love people, I don’t have that perfect love! I’m never gonna be perfect! But if I put on His love and remember how much He loves me, well, that changes everything!

Kristen: What makes your jewelry different than any other?

Devony: Some of it I designed myself, some of it I pulled together from pieces at the factory. It’s all vintage, pearls, and hammered metals. The packaging and the story really makes it special, and all of it is prayed over before it’s sold! I really want it to touch people’s hearts, bless them, and I want women to feel loved. When you can feel that love, it changes everything. It takes the whole “religion” thing out of it! ‘Cause it’s about LOVE.


Kristen: What’s next?

Devony: One step at a time! It really is a faith walk! She Wears Love gave me so many more ideas, and more opportunities, too! We’re working on two additional lines: one that’s relics and mixed metals and one that’s pearls and monograms, and we’re also working on a perfume! My brain never stops. It could be two in the morning and I’ll sit straight up in bed and say THAT. It’s great, but it’s hard. You gotta know when to turn it on, and when to turn it off. Organization of my time is key. And journaling has really helped me tremendously, too.

Kristen: What would you say to someone who has an idea for a “venture” of their own…but maybe they’re too scared or they don’t know where to begin?

Devony: A day at a time, a step at a time, five minutes at a time… God will show you the end from the beginning! It takes faith to get there, but if you’ll take that first step, He’ll finish what He started. He really will! I think He gives us HIS dreams and makes them OUR dreams. Be fearless! But remember, small beginnings are the best way to start, because you grow with them. It’s like when we have kids: thank God they don’t come out as teenagers! We grow with them!

And if somebody copies you? Brush it off. It’s the biggest form of flattery. Sometimes people really don’t have their own ideas. And like the Bible says, where there is no vision, the people perish. They may take your idea, but they won’t get far, because they’ve got no vision! And then there are people who are inspired by you, but they just don’t know how to express it, so they copy you. Just put those blinders on, and keep on moving!

I had a pretty hard time sleeping the night I spoke with Devony! There’s something amazing about being around creative people: they get YOUR creative juices flowing, too, and I can’t wait to see what she does next! Thanks, Devony, for your time, and for submitting the pictures featured here on the blog today!

If you’d like to follow along, too, like the She Wears Love Facebook Page HERE, visit the website HERE, follow on Instagram HERE and on Twitter HERE! Devony also blogs about She Wears Love HERE, and, of course, is on Pinterest HERE.

She Wears Love is currently sold in Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina, and through the website.

Well? Whatcha think? Did this get YOUR creative juices flowing?! Has your idea been revived? What’s the dream?! I wanna hear about it!

40 thoughts on “Creativity Meets Inspiration with “She Wears Love”

  1. I have always admired people like Devony. She has much courage, faith, perseverance and obviously style. Wonderful story and presentation. Will be heading over to check out the links. (love the photo too πŸ˜‰ )

  2. I love those pieces! They are gorgeous! I can’t keep adding stuff to my Christmas list guys! I’ll have to come bunk with you–when Santa kicks me out! LOL

    I’m in love!

  3. What an inspirational interview! Okay she got me when she said that all of the items are prayed over before they’re sold. How awesome is that?!?! Not only are the pieces beautiful, but she seems to have a beautiful spirit as well. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. She makes the ‘put on love’ very practical. So encouraging to hear stories of better-ness not bitterness. God uses everything for good, if we only allow Him.

  5. Her story is very inspirational. I admire the courage it took for her to not only survive divorce but to grow in grace and become a living vessel. The jewelry is beautiful! I will visit her site.

  6. Thank you Kristen and Devony for this inspiring post! Devony, your faith is contagious! I greatly appreciate your message to Let Go and Let God. Spirit has shared a great vision for my transformational fitness program, HoopYogini, and I’m am actively upgrading my belief systems and actions to allow the graceful manifestation of this global vision. Big Love to You and all you are creating and inspiring. Dancing Forward! Axe Aho Amen!

  7. I don’t know the last time I’ve been so inspired, uplifted, and motivated by a blog post. I’m saving this one in “my favorites”. I am glad to have found you on UBC!

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