Creative Wedding Ideas! (Part 2)

Most of you know that I work full-time in insurance, but I also have a photography business that I own/operate, as well. Here is post 2 about all the creativity I’ve seen at weddings over the years. There’s some really cute ideas I’ve had the privilege to photograph! All photos to follow taken by: ME! (And if you’d like to see Part 1, CLICK HERE!)

13. Have a spot set aside for the kids!


(This was a fantastic area that the kids could gather tother and play in! Much less noise from them, for sure!)


14. Let the groomsmen be themselves.

DSC_0135 (2)

(They’re not gonna be thrilled about the pictures, anyways, so might as well let them set a few of them up and be a lil’crazy!)


15. Make sure the wedding party has a good time! (Is this one not the cutest?!)

PicMonkey Collage


16. Everything doesn’t have to be totally match-matchy! (Take this cake, for example – what a nice contrast!)


17. The little touches are the cool things that people remember!



18. Give the bride and groom a special place and a few moments alone to savor their day in the midst of all the busy-ness!



19. Let the wedding party interrupt the bride and groom’s first dance in a FUN way!


20. Use what’s already at your location! (This couple got married in a friend’s backyard, so we used the ol’ swing for some pics!)


21. Vintage is valuable! (And it’s also popular! Don’t be afraid to use some “old” things to add character!)



So there you have it! Part 2 of the Creative Wedding ideas blog posts! What was your favorite? Get any ideas from this post? I sure do love to see people’s creativity shine through!


102 thoughts on “Creative Wedding Ideas! (Part 2)

  1. Back when I got married, things were still so traditional. I love how fun weddings & wedding photog has gotten. My nephew’s recent wedding was at a barn & everything came from pinterest ideas. So lovely…

  2. There’s really nothing I didn’t love here. I think the picture of them on the swing is really precious. That cute one with the wedding party in the background of a kiss was nice too.

  3. oh I like part two as much as part one. I liked number 17, the one about not picking sides. That is a cute one.

  4. These are all fabulous ideas! I definitely agree with #18! Give the bride and groom a special place! At my wedding, everything was about everyone else. Not about me and my husband. it was just rush rush rush, go here, go there, do this, do that. I wasn’t able to just relax and savor my day. I really regret that. -Amber E.

  5. What a cute idea for the kids section. I felt bad for the few at mine they looked so out of place. Weddings should be fun for everyone and not so serious.

  6. This is such a cool and creative post! Very inspiring if I was still planning my wedding! Great pics and great vibe!

  7. So cute! I really like the fun pictures. I take pictures of groups often, I have 2 girl scout troops, and we are always doing something as a group, and I always have them take a regular picture where I tell them to smile or say cheese or girl scout cookies, and then I say silly picture! Those always get a laugh and the girls love it! 🙂

  8. YAY! part 2!! I was worrying I missed it.. you are such a great photographer, I enjoy all your photos. I love that you are sharing some fun and useful ideas through your gift of pictures. I like the kids table idea lots, it does seem they tend to gravitate towards each other as the day goes on, so why not make a place where they can feel comfortable and have some activities for them too! The ‘don’t pick sides’ sign was priceless! First time I’ve ever seen something like that and think it’s a perfect way to start a life together as a family! Great share.. these have been as much fun as your Christmas tours!

  9. What wonderful ideas! I have directed many weddings and never tire of looking at the beautiful pictures! When my daughter got married, we provided a nursery for the kids, with snacks and things to do that they would enjoy. They had fun and there were no babies crying in the video! 🙂

  10. These are great, and I love the idea of letting the subjects of the photos be themselves. I think those make for far more fun/attractive photos than the basic stand-and-smiles you always see. Great job, great post!

  11. You definitely captured the moment within your photos. I especially like the picture of the couple kilssing and the people in the background watching.

  12. I really love your work! I wish I lived closer to you, you would be doing all of my pictures! I love how the little details really make a wedding pop!

  13. I love the kid corral and letting the wedding party have fun and be themselves! I have a few fun pictures with my brothers (who were groomsmen), but wish I had some fun ones with the whole wedding party as well. These are all great tips and ideas! I went to a wedding this past summer and they had all sorts of vintage things and little touches. A tip I’d add is to borrow borrow borrow! The same wedding I went to hardly purchased anything. They used what they had and borrowed from lots of different people, but holy cow, it looked amazing! They had a crepe bar! Yum….

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