Creating a Child-Friendly Floor Space

Well, I’ve talked a lot about floors here on the blog. I guess it’s because I love all things home, and floors are a HUGE part of the home! But something I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned before here in my posts is that I used to work for a daycare.


The above-view portrait of a beautiful babysitter looking after cute kids

I worked for a daycare for 2 weeks over Christmas break when I was home for college. One of the teachers wanted a nice long Christmas break, and I needed the work, so I did what I had to do! Can I just say that I have TONS of respect for those who work with littles on a daily basis! It was a great learning experience, that’s for sure!

But a space like a daycare should be full of things for kids, right? Right! And to this day, I will never forget that old ugly rug that was in my classroom. It was dull. It was grody. It looked like it belonged in an adult daycare instead of a child’s daycare. I hated that thing from the first day I went inside, and I was glad I never had to see it again when I was done with the job!

So when Georgia from The Rug Seller contacted me about an infographic of child-friendly floor spaces, I was shocked at the memories it brought back! And once I looked at the image, I knew that these suggestions were exactly what kiddos need! Check it out…

Creating a Child Friendly Floor Space
(Creating a Child Friendly Floor Space)

Did you get any ideas from the infographic? I especially love that hopscotch rug!

What is your favorite kind of rug to have in your home? What about in your child’s play space?

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20 thoughts on “Creating a Child-Friendly Floor Space

  1. Yes, it helps a lot. I am on the hunt for a good rug for our hardwood floors as it is gets colder and the wood is cold…Plus our little one is crawling all over the place and I think a nice comfi rug will help his little knees. I think I have a hopscotch or numbered one but it is kind of small. Plus, since I plan to put in the front room where we rarely eat, I think something shag would work. The kids have a shag from Ikea in their rooms! Nothing worse than an ugly rug!

  2. What a great infographic! I used to work in a daycare as well WAY back in the day and I agree the floors in those places are hideous! So many wonderful, soft, fun, colorful options now days and it IS important to have a nice floorspace since kids spend SO MUCH time on the floors!

  3. This is a fantastic resource! I love the look of laminate and hardwood but a statement rug is so important (and I love that you mentioned tummy time!).

  4. Great infographic. We put hardwood throughout our home, but put carpet in our family room because we like to get on the floor and play with the kids. Carpet is soft, cozy and great to curl up on for family game/movie nights.

  5. We had a fun animal rug in my son’s rug, and we have area rugs in our house (hard floors.) The rugs were great for tummy time (and play time) when he was tiny!

  6. Definitely rugs are a good idea. I have vinyl in my living and dining rooms. Easy to clean! Too cold in winter. Not comfortable. But did I mention easy to clean?? Especially since now PP is potty training, and she’s too big for those thick training pants!

  7. I worked in day care for years and many had improper floor for the kids. Several had just tile floors with ugly mats in the center or worn out carpet from the kids running back and forth. It is super important to have both an easy to clean and comfortable are for kids

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