How to Convert a Garage into a Children’s Play Room

What do you use your garage for? If you answered ‘parking my car, of course’, you are actually a minority on the US. A lot of people simply use their garages as an extra storage space, as if the basements and the attics aren’t enough, right? But, if you’re not using it for your car, can you do something more worthwhile and purposeful with it? Sure you can!

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One great and interesting idea is to turn the garage into the play room for your children. Rockstar Garage Door Services experts have seen it done a few times and they have some interesting points about how to make it work best. Keep reading for some great ideas!


A garage which is used for storage or parking doesn’t really need much light. Maybe a small window and an electric light. However, if you are planning a kids’ playroom, you will want a lot more than that.

Group kids in preschool interior holding colored paper and glue on table .

One thing which can help is installing larger windows on your garage doors, which will spare you the trouble of cutting out windows in the actual walls of the garage. You can find a lot of help from places like

Alternatively, consider adding skylights, as they are both practical and look great.

Plenty of Electrical Outlets

If your children aren’t too young, you can safely install electrical outlets there. And even if they are still too young, put those outlets there and protect them just like in the rest of the house, trust me.

Kids nowadays play somewhat differently than the previous generations did, and having a TV in there as well as a charger for some mobile device will come in handy, if not right now, soon enough. You would rather do things right the first time, than having to redo it in a few years.

The Flooring

The concrete floor of your garage is hardly an ideal playing surface for your kids. If you have the means, you can install wooden flooring, but in most cases, a thick carpet or rug will suffice. It will cut some of the cost, as well as a lot of time setting it up.

Some people also opt for thick sponge or foam pads like those often found in playrooms in shopping malls. This alternative is just as good if you can find it near you.


Seeing how the original purpose of the garage is storing your vehicle, the amount of insulation there is typically lower than the rest of the house. If you live in colder regions, you might need to consider putting some additional insulation.

Don’t forget the roof insulation, too, as the heat might escape through the roof if you protect the walls well.


This is the fun part of the repurposing process! This is where you can let your or your children’s creative side really run wild!

Painting the walls any color your kid likes is perfectly fine because, remember, the space is a playroom. If you or your kids enjoy painting, you don’t have to have plain walls, by all means, paint some pictures on them.

Also, make sure that there is plenty of storage for all the toys your kids will keep in their new playroom. Cubby shelves with cubes are awesome for storage, and include some bookshelves or even some lockers, if you can find some! 

And it’s always a good idea to include a table and some chairs for art projects, and some beanbag chairs for reading!

If you aren’t using your garage, redoing it as a playroom is an excellent way to use the space while making your children happy in the process. (Plus, being able to relocate all of their toys from the rest of your house into one common space would be a huge plus, too!) Who wouldn’t like a designated playroom?

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9 thoughts on “How to Convert a Garage into a Children’s Play Room

  1. Kids love to have a playroom and it’s nice to have all their toys and games confined to one area of the house. Converting the garage to a play room is a great idea if it works for your space. #HomeMattersParty

  2. Love this post! I am in the garage door business myself and I always love to hear new ideas on what people can do with their garages. I think a playroom for the kids is a fantastic idea, you could probably add a lot of cool things in there that you might not want to necessarily want to put in your house. I’m thinking some fun wallpaper and maybe even a ball pit depending on how old the kids are haha. Great post!

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