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If you’re a regular reader here on the Road to Domestication, then you know that, from time to time, I enjoy sharing stories about amazing people who have created an amazing product, or business – people who have taken an idea and really just RUN with it and started something incredible! I share these stories to inspire YOU to pick up the ideas that have been left behind in your life and run after them!

Today, we meet Mary.


I’ve known Mary for about 13 years now, and although she’s one of the smartest women I’ve ever met, I’ve never seen her do anything like this before! It’s pretty amazing! Have you heard of “salad in a jar”? Maybe you’ve seen it on Pinterest, something like this?


Well, Mary has taken “salad in a jar” to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

Mary has created four kinds of salads (complete with custom dressings) and two kinds of snack cookies (everything with all-natural ingredients). She “jars” the salads, and customers order them via text, Facebook or her website. Then she delivers them!

Can you imagine? Being able to reach in your fridge and grab a fresh salad in a jar to take to work with you for lunch? Or even come home after a long day and grab a salad for each member of your family, totally prepared, right out of the fridge, for dinner?

Check out our interview!

Kristen: Tell me a little bit about yourself, your family and your life!

Mary: I am a mother first; a mother of 4 boys, the first 3 are triplets.  I’ve worked in the business side of healthcare for over 20 years.  Needless to say it’s been very busy. 

Kristen: When did you first become interested in creating this business?

Mary: I love food and flavors.  Having such a busy lifestyle it’s hard to stay balanced and feel good.  I started “living” with fresh foods daily and wanted to help other be victorious in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Kristen: Why did you decide to keep doing it?

Mary: The interest and feedback has been exciting and it changes people’s lives to feel better and have more energy.  I love helping people make their life easier and more healthy at the same time.  Most people don’t eat healthy and have fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet because it’s simply too time consuming and shopping so often is hard for people to maintain freshness.

Kristen: What made you want to share it with others?

Mary: Everywhere you go, someone is telling you how you should eat.  Eat this, not that, etc.  Overall if you eat like a rainbow it’s good for you.  So much of our food is toxic with all the processing so this is a simple way to add freshness to your lifestyle and feel better at the same time. Our goal is to make it easy and our concept does not mean a complete overhaul to your diet.  Just add  in a few things and/or swap out a few things. 


Kristen: What was the inspiration for the name of the business?

Mary: My niece Ashley and I came up with the name.  Steel symbolizes strength and Grace adds a touch of elegance and class.

Kristen: What makes your food business different than any other?

Mary: It’s health and balance in a jar!  It’s convenient and we deliver so it doesn’t take even a minute of preparation.

Kristen: What’s next?

Mary: We want to add other products including soups, some meals, and sweet treats.  We also want to expand our current distribution areas.


Kristen: Where can people obtain more info?

Mary: You can get more information from our website: or email: or on our Facebook page.

I’m so excited for Mary and how her new venture is taking off! She has exciting things on the horizon – partnerships with local businesses, local business owners, she’s had magazine articles done on Steel and Grace and even has a TV spot coming soon!

She had an idea, she took a firm hold on it and RAN with it. And look what happened?!

So…what’s YOUR idea? I wanna hear about it!

And, before I forget, thank you so much to the talented Stephanie Humphrey for these fantastic photos! She does amazing work! You can check out her site at

100 thoughts on “Conveniently Healthy – With Steel and Grace!

  1. Hi Mary!

    I have seen the salads in a jar floating around Pinterest and have been meaning to make some….I need to get on that soon!

  2. I have seen this all over pinterest. It’s really great how she set herself up and pushed towards her goals. I have many ideas, but I’ll keep em to myself for now. 😉

  3. I’ve been seeing a number of salad-in-jars recipes lately and think it’s a perfect use for old pickle jars/etc. I’ve found the ones with the wider tops work best.

  4. Wow…she is amazing! And with triplets – wow. Have you ever wondered why people like me and you can never seem to “think” up any smart ideas…lol

  5. I’m not sure I understand, I’ll have to look at her website or Facebook page, does she deliver them to your house, is this a local business or something she actually ships via UPS to your front door? Its a great idea, I’ve thought of doing this myself but haven’t sat down to take the time and prep my salad ingredients for the week, so having someone deliver it would be very convenient.

    • Lesley, she delivers them to your home or office in her local area, but she’s setting up to be able to ship them in dry ice anywhere in Florida. Then it only gets bigger from there!

  6. WOW! How cool! I love how that she took this leap of faith! I would’ve definitely talked myself out of this one by saying….”noone’s gonna buy this”. The statement is true…If you build it, they will come!!! I love this story. I love salads in a jar even more. 🙂 The lettuce really does last longer.

    • Yes, she definitely took a leap of faith – I talk myself out of things all the time, too! LOL

  7. This is the best invention ever! I always wind up grabbing something else when I really should be eating salad, these not only make them more available but fun!

  8. Looks good! I have seen this idea on Pinterest, but they weren’t pre-made and delivered! Way to go after your dreams and set yourself apart from the crowd, Mary!

    • I’m sure she’ll be growing all the time, Ashley – never know when you might see her!

  9. Salad in a jar, what a splendid idea! I think this is such a good idea for weekends. I may have to try this. My kids love salads and once school is back in, I won’t have much time to pre-prepare a lot of things, but this could be one!

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