Constantly Late for Everything? Maybe It’s Your Bathroom’s Fault!

We all have that one friend who is constantly late for everything. The one you tell you’re meeting at 2:15, just so they’ll actually be there for the actual 2:30 meeting. Are you thinking of that one friend? Or maybe you ARE that one friend? 

I can definitely relate to this, so when blogger Mia Gunson contacted me to tell me that the reason people are late is due to their BATHROOM…well, I had to read this one! 

How many times have you been late for a business meeting? Or a date? Have you ever had to call your friends or your partner and apologize for running late? How did you feel when you heard their disappointed sigh? Being constantly late makes other people see you as an untrustworthy person, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone stops making plans with you. However, what if it’s not your fault?

Let’s consider this scenario: you’re on your way to an important meeting, a date or a simple get-together with your friends. And since you want to look your best, what do you do? You go to the bathroom, take a quick shower, and then spend fifteen minutes looking for your beauty products, not being able to locate them. A messy bathroom can really put you behind schedule and it seems that you’re not to blame for being late – it’s the organization of your bathroom! If you have these problems too, here’s how to create an organized and functional bathroom, so you’ll never be late again.

First, Declutter!

The biggest problem in your bathroom is probably an abundance of unnecessary items – expired products, empty shampoo bottles, dirty laundry and wet towels. And in such a mess, it’s no surprise you can’t seem to find your hair brush or toothpaste for ten or fifteen minutes!

Therefore, before organizing your bathroom, declutter it first. This doesn’t have to take long, but it’s definitely worth the hustle. Only after you’ve cleared out all your trash can you start putting your bathroom and your life back together.

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Organize the Basics

What are the most important items in your bathroom? The towels, beauty products, skin care and items you need on a daily basis, like a toothbrush and shampoo? If this is the stuff you use frequently, make sure it’s within arm’s reach. If carefully organized and labeled, these items will be accessible to you at all times and you won’t have to waste time looking for them anymore.

Again, this isn’t rocket science and you don’t have to put in hours of work into achieving a perfect organization – hang your wet towel on rails and holders, place all your necessities in a medicine cabinet and organize your storage so that you always know where everything is.

Install and Update

Sometimes, the best path towards a functional bathroom is renovation. Your old bathtub is probably occupying too much space, while your cabinets don’t have enough storage room for all your must-haves. Therefore, updating these elements and installing new fittings could make more sense than anything else.

However, once you get into renovating mode, you start discovering more and more things you’d like to change. That’s why it’s important to consult an expert and hear their opinion in order to ensure your bathroom receives a proper treatment. With some reliable bathroom renovations, you can solve a number of organizational issues and end up with a more functional space that will allow you to save time on a daily basis.

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Focus on Storage Space

When it comes to bathroom functionality, the more space you have, the better. Most people count on a big vanity, but what about tiny bathrooms that can’t afford to lose too much space? Instead of one huge vanity, it’s better to create separate and smaller storage solutions that will cover all your needs and still look elegant.

Some of the things you could try include medicine cabinets or recessed wall cabinets – these can actually fit lots of small items like razors, toothpastes and moisturizers – as well as open shelves and canisters for larger items, and, to top it all off, wall hangers and baskets. All of these don’t take up too much room, but offer lots of space, and thus prove to be an irreplaceable part of a functional bathroom.

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The Results

What do you get with an organized bathroom? First of all, it will look nicer, more inviting and more serene, so you can actually relax in it. Furthermore, you’ll be able to find and reach everything you need in no time, preventing the stress of searching for things. Finally, you’ll have enough room for your stuff. Ultimately, an organized bathroom will prevent you from being late ever again, and that’s something your friends will appreciate more than anything!

Great ideas, Mia, thank you! I must say, I also feel more empowered each morning getting up and starting to get ready when I can do it in a clean and organized environment!

What is YOUR bathroom organization looking like these days?

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8 thoughts on “Constantly Late for Everything? Maybe It’s Your Bathroom’s Fault!

  1. One of my pet peeves is being late, so I’m always early for everything. I do have a friend that is always late. Maybe it’s her bathroom. Maybe I should share this with her in a non-judgmental way. 🙂 I can’t stand a cluttered bathroom and everything must have its place. I just noticed that one of the drawers in my vanity needed to be decluttered, so I’m tackling it this weekend when I get a few extra minutes.

  2. So very true. Cluttered space as a way you late because you spend so much time looking for the things you need. My old bathroom was always so cluttered, but we got rid of so much stuff when we moved.

  3. I agree completely! Our bathroom was always a cluttered disaster until we remodeled a couple years ago. The new vanity has much more storage space and drawers so we are much better organized now. Looks and stays clean!

  4. We don’t keep a lot of stuff in the bathroom. I can imagine how that would slow you down and make you arrive late for an appointment. This are all great tips. I will have to check the boys’ bathroom. Maybe that needs some decluttering done.

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